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How to start creating Augmented Reality effects on TikTok

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TikTok just needs to offer a better way to organize effects, and more so now with the public launch of its augmented reality effect creation platform called Effect House, which opens publicly today so that any creator can carry out your own Augmented Reality effects for other TikTok users to use and enjoy in their respective videos.

The popular short video platform points out that Effect House has been available in closed beta since August last year, enabling 450 creators to develop Augmented Reality effects that have been used in more than 1.5 billion videos which together have added more than 600,000 million views worldwide.

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TikTok says that:

Effect House offers learning tools and resources, equipping creators with intuitive design and development technologies that will enable them to create immersive and dynamic effects for the global TikTok community.

It is clear that the development of the new effects must benefit from the policies on the effects where:

For example, TikTok does not allow effects that promote discrimination or negative stereotypes against certain groups, nor those that refer to cosmetic surgery, such as lip fillers, or encourage scrutiny of someone’s appearance.

In this regard, any new effects will first go through the TikTok Trust & Safety team before becoming available to other users looking for Augmented Reality effects to apply to their own videos.

Even so, if it is observed that the same effect is used in violation of the Community Rules, that same effect will eventually be removed, as indicated from the popular ByteDance video platform.

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What is certain is that this opening will open up a whole world of possibilities, generating greater differences with respect to the effects that users of other rival platforms can use in their own videos.

Users will be able to know when an effect has been developed under Effect House by clicking on its name in a video where it has been used, accessing a results page, from where they will be able to see the profile of the creator behind it.

Effects creators will have a tab on the profile page where all the effects they have created with Effect House will be displayed. Those interested in creating effects can start by downloading Effect House.

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In any case, TikTok follows the same movement carried out at the time by other platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat, leaving the creation of new effects in the hands of third parties so that the rest of the users have more creative possibilities.

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