How to solve on Amazon Fire TVs that an application does not work well

It may be that some of the applications installed on your Fire TV Stick do not work like the first day. Some of the common failures include slower execution and crashes. This can be very annoying and you need to take action. We show you how to fix it without having to uninstall any.

While the Fire OS operating system found in the accessories is fairly stable, applications that depend on third parties may present problems due to updates or corruption of stored data, which may affect the user experience. It’s frustrating trying to watch a movie on a platform and having the app not work properly.

What usually happens is that both the application data and the cache get corrupted, leading to runtime issues. Luckily, Amazon has thought of this and offers official tools to fix it Risk free.

Get an app working fine again on Fire TVs

The process can be done with the remote control included in the Fire TV, so it is very comfortable. Also, there is no risk to the player, since the worst that can happen is that you have to uninstall and reinstall the application in question. The Steps to follow are the following:

  • Access the initial screen of the Amazon player and scroll to the gear wheel to access Settings.
  • Next, you must locate the box called Apps and you must access its content to use the Manage section that allows you to review all the ones you have installed.
  • Select the app that is giving you problems from the list you see and then enter the screen where you will see all the information about it (press the controller to get this).
  • Look for and use the options called Clear data and Clear cache.
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  • Once this is done, you are finished and you can repeat the operations as many times as you want in all the apps you have installed.

After doing this, you may have to enter the credentials of the services that the application provides, such as accessing a video platform (some examples are Netflix or Disney +). Besides, the first time you run the app after deletion, it may take a while for everything to go smoothly, as the cache fills up again. All this is normal and is solved without any problem. And, we repeat, zero dangers.