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How to set up parental controls on an iPhone

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The iPhone has a series of tools that allow parents to establish a series of controls on it. In this way, they can limit the activity of their children with the phone and know at all times what they are doing and what they are not doing online.

The Family Sharing mode of iPhone allows you to control the time of use of the device or request permission from the parents each time the child makes a purchase through the phone

There are several possibilities for parents to step in and control their children’s iPhone. The Family Sharing tool allows parents impose certain limits on your children’s use of the phone. They can, for example, establish that they are asked for permission before making a purchase or limit the time of use of the iPhone.

Here we explain how to activate this tool. There are also external parental control apps that can help you in this task, although here we tell you how to do it directly on the iPhone:

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-Choose a moderator: One of the two parents must become the moderator of the child’s phone. To begin the process, you must open the “Settings” folder on your iPhone and click on your profile name at the top of the screen.

– “Set family”: Among the many options that will be shown, you must click on the one that says “Family Sharing”. Next, to start configuring the system, you must click on “Configure family” and then follow the instructions that they indicate to establish the family unit.

-Activate controls: As soon as the family is constituted, linking the different telephones, it is possible to activate some of the control tools. For example, the option of “Approve purchase”, which is activated by default for all those under 13 years of age. However, it is also possible to enable this option for any age up to 18 years.

Another of the most used options is “Screen time”. In it, in addition to being able to limit the time the child spends with the phone, you can also restrict access to certain websites or applications. For example, you can set a maximum use of 2 hours a day on YouTube or Instagram.


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