How to set up Amazon Fire tablets for children to use

How to set up Amazon Fire tablets for children to use

One of the tablets that fits like a glove for the smallest in the house are the Amazon Fire. Its simple handling, combined with being complete, are more than enough possibilities to value your purchase. But also has configuration options which are perfect for children to be safe.

It must be remembered that these devices use the Android operating system, but with a work on top of it called Fire OS and which, to be sure, offers excellent ease of use. In addition, you can install a lots of apps, among which there is no shortage of those that are designed for children. Therefore, thinking of the new Amazon tablets as an initial model for children makes all the sense in the world.

Settings on Amazon tablets for children to use

Obviously, the tablets we are talking about can use these without having to touch anything, but parents should always ensure the safety of the little ones. And, for this reason, there are certain configurations that can be made to achieve this in a simple and innocuous way for them. They are the following:

Account and app protection

This is something vital and the first thing that has to be done. By carrying out this process, you establish a security gateway that must be entered to access places where children should not be inside the tablet. In this way, that something important is deleted or that something is changed in the settings simply will not happen. These are the steps to follow:

  • Access the profile you have in the Amazon Fire and, there, enter the Settings section
  • There, locate the Security and privacy section. Now, tap on Lock Screen Passcode.
  • Select a PIN and, voila, you’re done.
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Amazon Fire tablet front

Give the child their own profile

By doing this you can narrow down the management of the specific user, which makes it easier for control is much greater. You should know that there is the possibility of having up to four child accounts at the same time and, to create it, simply do the following:

  • Display the menu at the top of the screen as usual and then click on the user icon, subsequently selecting the New user option.
  • You accept what you see and, among the available options, use Add a child profile. Now you have to indicate the name, age and gender.
  • Confirm by clicking on Add profile and, then, you are finished.
Usage time on an Amazon Fire tablet

Control screen time

This is sure to be something you’ve wanted to do as kids. are spent on the use of mobile devices, and in the Amazon Fire you have the possibility of establishing maximums. Therefore, it is good news that you take advantage of this way:

  • In the equipment configuration, use the Set daily goals and limits section. If scrolling is not enabled, tap to change this setting.
  • You will see that you can manage weekdays in one way and weekends in others. Now you have to set bedtime (so the kids can’t use the tablet once it arrives) and also time limits when using different apps.
  • Also, in the lower area, there is Total screen time and Activity time, which are tools that can help you a lot.
  • Once you have everything configured, you can now exit this section because you are done.
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