How to set the display time of messages on Snapchat

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Snapchat is not at its peak of popularity. Regardless, it’s still an interesting and fun messaging and social networking app with a good user base. Gone are the problems if Snapchat notifications are not received. Today the most widespread question among users is that of deleting unread snaps.

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The social network has more than 150 million registered users and there are different situations for unread content. In this small guide you will find the alternatives to unread snaps, due to the conditions of use that the user accepts when registering.

What is a snap?

The snaps are internal messages that are sent through internal messaging. Depending on how the application works, they will only be visible for 10 seconds after entering the mailbox. Snapchat was the pioneer application in the idea of ​​ephemeral messaging, which would later be copied by Instagram and WhatsApp. But what if the user never reads the snap?

According to Snapchat executives, servers delete any submitted content that has not been opened within 31 days of your shipment. On the other hand, the contents that are displayed disappear after a few seconds. In group communication, snaps are deleted within seconds of all contacts seeing it, and they last for 7 days on the servers.

Customize snap deletion

In Snapchat you can configure some temporary parameters to give contacts more time to see the snap. For example, you can select up to 24 hours of viewing just like on an Instagram Story. Configuration is done by following these steps:

-Open a new conversation with the contact to customize the display times.

-Press the profile icon in the upper left corner.

-Open the Chat Settings menu with the three-dot button.

-Select Chat settings – Delete chats.

-Choose 24 hours after seen.

Snaps that cannot be deleted

Unfortunately, can’t delete a sent snap in individual chats. They will remain in force waiting to be seen for 31 days. In the case of group chats, after 7 days they are deleted by the Snapchat developers if they were not opened.

Easy to remove snaps

The content of Snapchat that can be deleted is the one that is uploaded to the Our Story section. There, the permanence of the content depends on other factors customized by each user. If you decide to remove it, it’s as easy as deleting content on a traditional social network.

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