How to set a daily usage time limit on Instagram

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One of the functions available to users of instagram and that is dedicated to monitoring digital well-being is the possibility of establishing a maximum time for daily use of applicationso that the system notifies a person when they are using the platform excessively or more than what is established.

Both functions, complementary to each other, are not active by default but must be manually enabled by the user according to their needs.

To activate the daily time limit for the use of instagram users will have to follow these steps which are similar to Android and iphone.

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– After entering the application instagram users must click on the profile picture at the bottom right of the screen.

– Enter the menu at the top right of the screen, to open  options.

Instagram daily usage limit feature.

Instagram daily usage limit feature.

– Select “Your Activity”.

– In the section “Time in the apps”, users will be able to see a weekly bar graph that shows the total times per day that users had.

– To establish a maximum daily use time, users will have to press the option “Define daily time limit”.

– A selection menu will open with different time periods from 15 minutes to 2 hours.

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When saving the configuration, users will receive a notification indicating that they have reached the maximum usage time of the application established by themselves. This reminder will not prevent people from re-entering the platform because it only works to indicate to the user that he is exceeding the limit.

This data will be displayed in the record of the average time weekly that the application has been used and that can be accessed by following the same path of Menu > Your Activity > Time in the app. there is a tool alternative that, although it is also intended to regulate the time of use of the application, suggests “rest” periods for users to use their time in another way.

Silent mode on Instagram

The “Silent Mode” seeks to reduce the amount of distractions generated by notifications from the platform, in addition to the time that people spend within it.

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According to Instagram, this feature allows users to focus on their activities for a time predetermined by the user instead of paying attention to notifications.

Once this mode is active, people will automatically have a label on their profiles alerting that they are in silent mode and therefore will not receive notifications of any kind.

Instagram update enables a silent mode to avoid distractions from users. (instagram)

Instagram update enables a silent mode to avoid distractions from users. (instagram)

All active direct message conversations will receive an additional notification about this status change. “This user was not notified of receiving this message because they are in silent mode. light the mode silence” is the text received by other users who want to send messages to the person who owns the profile.