How to send photos at maximum quality on WhatsApp without installing any application

813428941 238009704 1706x960.jpg
813428941 238009704 1706x960.jpg

The most used messaging app in Spain finally allows you to send photos from one mobile phone to another without compressing or losing quality.

In Spain one of the most common ways to send an image to another person is to do it through WhatsApp. As all users who have done this will know, the final image quality is much worse than what it was on the source device. This is because the service highly compresses the images to reduce the amount of data necessary for sending.

Recently the company activated a new function that allowed noticeably increase the quality and resolution of photos sent normally, at the cost of doubling the space they occupied. This HD photo feature is now available to all users, but Even so, the image received did not have, even remotely, the quality of the one that was sent.

This can be a reality from now on with the new function that WhatsApp is making available to its test version users and, in a few weeks, the rest. Using the option to send a file you can now easily choose an image or video to send it uncompressed.

How to send uncompressed photos

This option was already available, although not directly. Now, by selecting the option Document in it whatsapp sending menua new option will appear called Select from Gallerywhich will directly open the mobile photo section, without having to navigate through all the files as before.

When done, you can select any photo or video, with a limit of 2 GB per file, so that the other person receives it. The recipient doesn’t have to do anything, but it’s important to keep in mind a big difference between sending photos like this and doing it the traditional way.

Sharing an uncompressed image

When sending an image as a document, the raw file is sent, uncompressed, but that means there is no preview, so you will have to download it and open it to see it. This doesn’t seem like a problem on a day-to-day basis, but it is more uncomfortable than receiving the image directly in the chat. Of course, this will increase the size of your WhatsApp backup, which is now taking up space on your Google account.

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