How to send massive WhatsApp messages from your computer

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WhatsApp was born as a service to know the status of contacts. Over time it evolved into an instant messaging service and due to its popularity, it currently also offers other functions such as the ability to send mass messages to a list of contacts.

The most orthodox way to do this is to use the WhatsApp Business API and software specialized in sending mass messages through the platform. I will talk about this option later, but first I want to talk about a little trick to be able to send mass messages from WhatsApp through a PC without too much complication and without having to install any application. To be able to do this you will only need to use WhatsApp Web and a function that has been integrated into the service for a long time, distribution lists.


Broadcast list and broadcast group

The first thing you need to know is that a “broadcast list” is not the same as a “broadcast group,” so it is important to know the differences. In the first case (broadcast list) a message is sent to the people you want, but this message will appear in the form of a private chat. That is, as if you were only talking to said person. In the second case (broadcast groups) it is a group chat where different people are attacked and everyone can interact with each other, as well as see the messages you send.

On the other hand, you must make sure that each of the people to whom you are going to send a mass message are added to your contact list, otherwise they will not receive the message. However, if the user in question also does not have you registered in their contact list, it is possible that they will not receive the mass message either and, therefore, you will not be able to communicate with them.

As we are going to explain to you below, you should never exceed the number of 256 users, as the messaging platform could block your account. Additionally, this way you will ensure that all your contacts receive the message correctly. Below we explain it in detail:


What you should take into account

The first thing we must take into account is what WhatsApp says in its responsible use or in the conditions of use of the application since spam could be a reason for us to be blocked and we will not be able to use the application anymore. In that case, we have to take into account what WhatsApp explains in its responsible use guide…

«Automatic, bulk or unwanted messages : Do not try to send bulk or automatic messages or use automatic dialing through WhatsApp. WhatsApp uses machine learning technology and user reports to detect and suspend accounts that send unwanted messages. This includes repeatedly contacting users who do not wish to be contacted. “Do not create accounts or groups automatically or unauthorizedly, nor use modified versions of WhatsApp.”

In the case of sending mass messages, let it be for something specific and do not do it as a habit since the application will be able to detect this practice and may cancel your access from that moment on.

The same happens with broadcast lists that WhatsApp considers an unwanted practice if you use them very frequently. In the terms of service or liability guide of the messaging application we read the following:

Excessive use of broadcast lists : Messages you send using broadcast lists will only be received by recipients who have your phone number saved in their phone’s contact book. Please note that some people may report your messages due to frequent use of broadcast messages, and we suspend accounts that were reported multiple times.”

In addition, they add that we cannot use lists of contacts that we do not know, so we recommend that you do not use broadcast lists to send mass WhatsApp messages to people you do not know or to spam. The application includes the following in its conditions, terms of service and requirements:

Using contact lists you don’t know: Do not share phone numbers without consent or use data obtained from illicit sources to send messages to WhatsApp users or add them to groups.

What happens if we don’t follow these rules? That they can ban us. Users we write to can report us to WhatsApp for continued spam. If they receive several repeated complaints about a certain behavior, they can ban our account.


Broadcast lists on WhatsApp Web

Broadcast lists allow you to send messages to up to 256 people very quickly. People receive these messages as if they were a normal private message, so it is ideal for sending notifications of any type (commercial messages, personal ads). Of course, to send messages of this type it is necessary to have the authorization of the people who they are going to receive them; Otherwise you could be breaking laws (this depends on the country, but in most cases it will be like this). What are they useful for?

One of the most interesting uses of these diffusion lists can be to congratulate holidays such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve, dates in which we all send a mass message to our loved ones, friends, colleagues. But you can also use smaller mailing lists for other personal matters. For example, you have had a baby and you want to send it to your friends and family: you make a broadcast list to make the announcement and you don’t have to open each conversation individually. The main advantage is that people receive the message individually, so they do not know that it is a broadcast list and they will respond to you individually and not as a group, so those people do not have to have anything in common. with each other because they are not going to be “together” in the same chat.


Create a broadcast list

To be able to send messages to a broadcast list from a PC, you must first create a list. This is not available on WhatsApp Web nor is it possible from the version of WhatsApp for computers, even if we download the program. So the first step you will have to do from your mobile. If you have an iPhone , open the WhatsApp app, access the chats tab and tap on Broadcast List just before the first conversation. In the case of Android you must access the Chats tab, tap the menu button at the top of the screen and choose the New broadcast option. Now you must select the contacts you want to add to the list. These must be saved in your phone’s address book and, in addition, they must have your number saved to receive the messages. You can add up to 256 and once you have them all, click on Create.

That is, the steps would be as follows to create your first broadcast list:

  • Open WhatsApp on your mobile phone
  • Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner
  • Choose the “New broadcast” option
  • Add all the contacts you want to have in that broadcast (maximum 256)
  • Confirm with the check icon at the bottom right

You will have created the broadcast list and it will be empty so that we can start sending messages or sending the photos we want. Keep in mind that it won’t be deleted until you delete it, so you can wait as long as you need to send the message. You can have it created and send it within a month or two days or a year. Now we will have to go to WhatsApp Web to be able to access that list and use it to send content from the computer. This will allow us to send photographs that we have stored on this device or write in a much more comfortable way than if we use the mobile phone keyboard, for example.

How do we enter the computer? Easy. We must use WhatsApp Web. To do this, go to and you will see a QR code. Go back to your mobile phone, open WhatsApp and tap on the three dots in the upper right corner. Here, choose “WhatsApp Web”. Tap on “Pair a device” and the mobile phone camera will open. Use the camera box to focus on the QR on the screen and you will link the mobile phone with the computer. You will now have all your chats on your computer to access that broadcast list that you have previously created.


You can send the messages you want and the list will not be deleted. When they respond to you, they will do so individually and you will receive the chats of each of the people individually.

Broadcast list from WhatsApp Web

The best of all is that the distribution list will remain permanently among the chat list and whenever you don’t need it you can send new messages. Within the broadcast list, if we display the menu of the three vertically placed dots that we find in the upper right corner, we will find several options to manage our broadcast list:

  • On the one hand we have List Information : From here we have the general data of the list, as if it were a WhatsApp group. In this section the recipients from the list appear, and we can delete those present or add new recipients from here. We also have the option to delete the list in the option that appears in red just below the participants. We can also access this section simply by clicking on the title of the list once we are in the chat. We can also change the name of the list if we have regretted the initial one we created, as well as its image.
  • In List Files is where we will find everything that we share here with the rest of the recipients. That is, images, music, documents, links, etc.
  • In the Search option we can search for any message, file or link by entering a related word in the search box that will appear at the top of the chat.
  • Wallpaper one of the last customization options, to change the background of this broadcast list.
  • Finally in More , we can clear chat, export the chart or create a shortcut.



Despite equipping users with the ability to send bulk WhatsApp messages, this feature has some drawbacks which are listed below:

  • They only receive the message if they are saved

That is, we cannot send broadcast messages to contacts on our list if they do not have our number saved. This can be a big blow to businesses as customers do not usually save company contact numbers.

  • Limit on the number of people

Broadcast messages can only be sent to a maximum of 256 contacts in a single broadcast list. If we want to send messages to more than 256 recipients, we will have to create a new WhatsApp transmission list. 1 or 2 lists will not be enough if we wanted to create 1000 WhatsApp messages.

  • WhatsApp Business does not allow diffusion

WhatsApp Business cannot be integrated with any other application. If we want to enter customer information, we will have to do it manually. It is a very long task if we have a large number of clients. However, there is a tried and trusted way to send 1000 WhatsApp messages and that is by accessing the WhatsApp Business API .

This is the advanced version of the WhatsApp Business platform designed for medium and large businesses serving a growing customer base. The WhatsApp Business API allows us to send between 1000 and 100,000 bulk automatic messages in a day.


Dissemination with WhatsApp communities

For some time now we have had the possibility of creating so-called communities available on WhatsApp. These WhatsApp communities serve to encompass several groups within the community . One more option for our instant messaging application to be a little more similar to others like Discord in terms of organization and dissemination of messages , which is what interests us.

For example, we can manage a web community called ADSLZone, and within this we can include several groups depending on the topic. One for mobile phones, one for television, and one for networks. Different groups, but related within the same community, so as not to mix topics and have everything more organized. And one of the best functions that these communities have is that despite having several groups, we will be able to create notices for the entire community , even though each group maintains its independence. These notices can only be made by the creator of the community, and not by the group administrators, who may be people other than the creator of the community to which they belong.

To create the community we only have to access the icon found on the left side of WhatsApp, choose a name, icon, and add the groups that interest us. Once created, we can write individually in each group, or on the community wall so that the message reaches all groups at the same time.


Alternatives to send massive WhatsApp

There are other methods to send massive WhatsApp messages from a computer, although they are much less recommended and you can be banned for using bots or programs unrelated to the messaging application, so you must be extremely careful in these cases. Since the arrival of the WhatsApp Business API, many companies have begun to develop their own tools for this purpose. Some of these developments are used internally by large companies and are also available through sales and marketing software such as some CRMs and the like.

But there are also other applications that can be hired to carry out mass mailing campaigns of any type (as long as they respect WhatsApp’s community standards, where spam and systematically annoying users is totally prohibited). You should keep in mind that this It can pose a risk if you use it frequently because we could be falling into practices not allowed by WhatsApp or simply if we are using a bot that WhatsApp does not allow, we could be temporarily banned and not be able to use the app for a while.



As its name indicates, it is a bot or tool for WhatsApp that is designed for stores or companies that use the messaging app. It has the drawback that we have to pay for its use, something absurd in a service that is offered free by default in the app. But you can pay for it if you consider that it has some extra advantages such as the possibility of installing the software on a PC and controlling it directly from here without having to link it to your phone. It is designed to carry out “massive message campaigns” but keep in mind that this involves many risks.

Shipping is free and unlimited included in the monthly fee, with an interesting anti-blocking system for sending campaigns and a Chatbot menu of your infoproducts with automatic responses and much more. You can simultaneously manage the same number from 4 devices. WaChatBot prices range from 39 euros for the basic plan to 99 euros for the advanced plan, passing through the middle at 69 euros.




Like the previous one, there is more. WhatsSender offers its own desktop software with which we can comfortably send mass messages via WhatsApp. It is a tool that we can get completely free from its official website and that is available for both Windows and Mac environments.

Once installed, the first thing we have to do is import the contacts to whom we want to send our mass messages, something we can do through a TXT or CSV file directly from the mobile phone. Next, we can start creating our messages, variations of them and we can send them in bulk from our PC comfortably.

Update 2023 : Today this tool has become another program known as WSTool that can be found from its official website. Many of its elements remain exactly the same and even old screenshots can still be found on the web, although the most current ones show that the software has moved from the then 6.0 edition to the 8.0 update.

It must also be taken into account that this is not completely free software , but there is a Pro version that can be purchased to have more message sending capacity. This paid version also allows you to easily import contact lists. It is priced at $29.90 for a six-month license.


Whatzaper Pro

It is not the longest running application on the market, but perhaps that is why it has so much merit that it has become so quickly and very popular. Whatzaper is a tool designed for businesses , but it is also possible for individuals to enjoy a very simple interface that allows unlimited sending of messages, photos, audios and PDFs to all the WhatsApp contacts they want. Even if you have a personal account and a business account, we will have the possibility of using both, so we will not have to change from one to the other every time we want to use them with the application.

Its anti-blocking system means that the messaging application does not classify its messages as Spam, and it also allows us to schedule message campaigns at the time and day we want. Its creators also consider it an all-in-1 tool, and it also includes a bot   that responds automatically, displaying windows on the screen that contain different responses and dynamic commands.

With all this information we can control the responses in real time, even issuing graphs to see the data in more detail. The application unfortunately lacks a free option currently, so we will have to get one of the 3 plans available. The cheapest costs $37 per month, but you can also pay $99 for the entire year or $199 for lifetime access.



Wapp Blaster

With this app we can send unlimited messages to our potential and existing customers using WappBlaster WhatsApp marketing software. We can also attach images and videos along with subtitles to messages to make them more effective. Additionally, there is no character limit on text. Therefore, we will be able to send our ideas to clients without any restrictions. Furthermore, this WhatsApp streaming software provides advanced anti-blocking algorithm to make mass messages smoothly.

Among other features, WappBlaster has bulk SMS services, greater transparency and control, delay control feature, multilingual support, customizable sender ID, import and export of contacts, built-in filter and there is no limit on sending messages. A customer database can also be created and uploaded, ensures 100% message delivery to all contacts, allows automatic posting to groups and the best anti-blocking functionality.

It is a paid software, although it has a trial version for seven days. Furthermore, it is only valid on Android operating systems . Without a doubt, location sending is the best feature. Additionally, messages sent with this WhatsApp bulk sender are highly protected. On the other hand, it does not allow editing in messages once they have been sent. If you are in a hurry to use the tool, we recommend that you request the trial version as soon as possible, since it is not a file that you can download instantly. You will have to fill out the contact form on the program’s website with all your information and then an agent from the company will contact you to send you the software.


Are there other alternatives from WhatsApp?

They are not designed for specific occasions, but you could use WhatsApp groups for this purpose. This way, you will not have to resort to external applications to send mass messages in the messaging app and you will not be exposed to the risks posed by messages on broadcast lists. The only thing you have to do is create the group on WhatsApp and use it to send messages to all the people whenever you want. The downside is that other people can respond to you privately or in the group itself, and they will also know that you have sent the same message to others. However, it is something that may interest you on some occasions. Additionally, you can only have them reply to you privately by enabling the write only administrators option and not adding anyone else as an administrator.

To create a group where only you write , what you have to do is click on the 3 points at the top right and then click on:

  • New group
  • Add people
  • Write the subject, activate or deactivate temporary messages and accept
  • The group will have already been created
  • You can send the message you want
  • Now click on the group icon
  • The tab will open and you have to go down to where it says “Group settings”
  • Click on the Send messages option
  • Change all participants to Admins only
  • You can use it whenever you want to send messages (without abusing it)

create private whatsapp group


And on Telegram?

If you are a Telegram user you can also send mass messages from your mobile device. In the case of this app, the channels function is used to broadcast. Below, we tell you how you can do it. The process is the same except that here we can create channels directly from the computer without having to do the step of linking the phone and PC.

  • We open the app
  • We tap on the pencil icon  in the lower right corner of the menu
  • We will see a series of options when “creating a message”:
    • New group
    • New secret chat
    • New channel
  • We play on «New channel»
  • Once here, you must choose the details to personalize it:
    • Channel name
    • Photograph or avatar that you want me to have
    • Channel description for other users to see
  • When ready, tap the check in the upper right corner
  • Choose between the two options available for creating the channel
    • Public channel
    • Private channel


We can choose to make it a public channel and that way anyone can join. Or we can select that our channel is private. We will also have to name the permalink . After me/ we must enter a name that is not in use.

Once we have put a name available in the link, we will go to the contacts section to whom we want to send the broadcast. Once the contacts have been selected, we can write the messages that we want to be disseminated massively. A channel is a broadcast list, but other users cannot reply. On WhatsApp they respond individually, here they would not respond, but rather they simply read us if they want to receive news or information. The advantage is that they will not ban us on Telegram for sending many messages from the channel.

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