How to send large files on WhatsApp

how to send large files on whatsapp

WhatsApp is a good application to chat but to send files it can give some problems, especially if you want send large files. After all, the maximum file size that WhatsApp supports is 100 MB.

Yes you need to send a large file to WhatsApp, we will tell you how you can do it, whether the file is less or more than 100 MB in size. The method is slightly different in both cases, but we will use Google Drive, which is already pre-installed on the mobile.

Files up to 100MB

WhatsApp allows you to send any file that is less than 100MBRegardless of whether it is a photo, video, document or anything else. This method is quite popular as it is a way to send photos and videos in original quality, without compressing.

The downside is that it will serve you for files that occupy 100 MB or less, which will or will not fit into your personal definition of “oversize.” The advantage is that it is much easier than the method for larger files that we will see below.


Basically all you have to do is press the WhatsApp clip icon and choose Document (even if it is something else). This will open the mobile file selector, where you must choose the file in question.

You can also use Android’s Share menu, although then the videos and photos will be sent compressed. If that is not a problem, in exchange it will be an even smaller shipment. This is the summary of the necessary steps:

  • Open WhatsApp and enter the chat

  • Press the attach icon and choose Document

  • Find the file you want to send. If it doesn’t appear, tap on Find other documents … to use the android selector

Files larger than 100MB

For files over 100 MB that you want to send via WhatsApp, you basically have two options. If they are videos, you can send them compressed, something you can do from WhatsApp. If they are any other document (ZIP files, or videos that you want to keep in original quality or too long), then you should use a cloud storage site, such as Google Drive.

Compressing videos from WhatsApp

If you have a video over 100MB that you want to send by WhatsApp, you can try to send it directly by WhatsApp, as always: either with the attach button from the gallery or using the Android share menu.

The trick is that WhatsApp compresses the video, which drastically reduces the size of the resulting file, in exchange for reducing the quality. If the compressed video is less than 100 MB, then you can send it from WhatsApp as normal. In the example below, a 500MB video is compressed to just 37MB.

Send video

If even after compressing it it exceeds 100 MB, then you will not be able to send it. Can you still trim video from WhatsApp (sliding the cuts in the preview at the top), but if that does not solve the ballot either, then you should use the next method. These are the steps to send a compressed video on WhatsApp:

  • Use the Android share menu (or from the chat, Attach> Gallery)

  • If the compressed video is less than 100MB, you can send it normally

With Google Drive

If none of the above has helped you, for example, you are trying to send a 500 MB ZIP file, then you should upload the file to a cloud storage service, so that the other person can download it from there.

There are many options and they all work in a similar way, but on your Android mobile it is quite likely that you already have Google Drive, so we will use that method. First you must locate the file on your mobile (for example, with the Files or Google Files app), and use the menu Share for upload to Google Drive.


Before uploading the file to Google Drive, you can change the name and choose an account or folder, but if you want you can leave everything as is and press save without more. The file will then start uploading and you can follow the process from the notification panel.

When you have finished uploading, from the notification itself click Share, to open the corresponding menu in Google Drive. Initially it is not shared with anyone, so click on Not shared and then press Change under Restricted.


You will need to change the settings to Any user with the link, and then click on the link icon that appears to the right of Link settings. This copies the link to the clipboard, so that you can paste it into any other application.

Then open the WhatsApp chat and paste the link (It should be suggested in the top bar of Gboard). If you wait a couple of seconds before sending the message, it will load a small preview indicating the name of the file.


In this way, the other person will receive a link with which they can download the file from Google Drive, whether they have a Google account or not, and it is not even necessary that they have the Google Drive app installed. In the absence of WhatsApp expanding the maximum file size – something it has not done in years – this is the only way to send files larger than 100 MB through WhatsApp. These are all the steps:

  • Locate the file in an app like Google Files and share it with Google Drive

  • Press Keep

  • Wait for the file to finish uploading

  • From the notification that you have finished subri, press Share

  • Press Not shared, on the bottom

  • Tap on Change

  • Change the option to Any user with the link

  • Press the link button

  • Open the chat in WhatsApp and paste the link