How to send files in seconds from Android to Mac with this amazing free app

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Google has updated Nearby Share to Quick Share and has integrated Android and Windows, but you can use this protocol for free with Apple Macs.


Google and Samsung have recently agreed to make the wireless file sending system compatible. Google had Nearby Share and Samsung Quick Share, and both were competing to be the AirDrop of Android. After a long time of waiting, both companies have decided to merge both protocols, so Any Android user will be able to send a file quickly and without loss of quality to another person with Android. This function is now available in Spain.

In addition, Quick Share is compatible with Windows computers, so sending files within the same workstation is very convenient. There is only one problem, and that is This system is not officially available for Apple computers. Neither Samsung nor Google have had incentives to make it work.

Luckily there is a Russian developer, Gregory K.que ha creado a free and open source application that allows you to send files from an Android mobile to a Mac computer using this protocol, called Neardrop. It is also possible to receive files on your mobile phone from your computer, but it has not worked with Samsung devices, although it has worked with other brands.

How to use Neardrop

NearDrop is available for free from its GitHub page. You have to install it on the Mac like any other application downloaded from the Internet. Of course, since Quick Share is integrated into Android, you don’t have to download anything to your mobile. And the operation couldn’t be simpler.

To send an item from a mobile phone to the Apple computer you simply have to share a file normally and select Quick Share (or Nearby Share if the mobile has not been updated yet). The Mac will appear among the shipping options and you just have to click on it. A notification will appear on your computer indicating that someone is sending a file, and you can accept or reject it.


If accepted, it is saved in the Downloads folder. If it is rejected, it will not be saved, logically. This is done so that not just anyone can send malicious files to a computer simply by installing this application and using an Android mobile.

To send a file from a Mac to an Android mobile you simply have to Right click on the file and select the Share option. There you have to go to NearDrop and On your mobile, open the Google Files app, select the Nearby option and click receive. At that moment the option to send the file to that smartphone will appear on the computer.


This is an option that does not work as comfortably as on Windows computers, or between Android devices, but at least you have the option of using it. We will have to wait for Google to decide to launch this function as an application for Mac, if it wants its users to use this function and not have Airdrop another reason to make the jump to iPhone.

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