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How to send a group message on Android phones

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Group text messages on Android

When using text messages on a mobile with the Android operating system, through the Google Messages app, you have the option of sending the same text to several people simultaneously.

Sending an SMS to more than one person is helpful when you need to share information with a group.

This is advantageous in situations where you have to organize an event, give information about a project, arrange a class schedule, etc. Here you will find how to create and send group messages in the easiest way possible.

Send group messages in Android Google Messages

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The Google application for Android stands out for being intuitive and customizable, in addition to being the default app for many mobile phones. The procedure to be followed is simple.

– Download Google Messages if you do not have it installed on your mobile.

– Enter the app and click on “Start chat” to open the screen of a new conversation.

– Click on “Create group” so that the “New group conversation” section is enabled.

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– Write the names of the contacts you will add to the group and select them when they appear. Frequent users will be displayed at the top of the list.

– Click on “Next”, type the name of the group in the “Add group name” option and tap on “Next” again. If you want to leave the group without identification, choose “Skip”.

– Now, write the message in the text box to send it to the group.

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That’s all you have to do. It is important to note that the group SMS may not work, if this happens to you, do not worry, do the following.

– Enter Google Messages.

– Click on the three-point menu and choose “Settings”.

– Later, go to “Advanced” and activate “MMS” in the “Group messages” section.

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