Picuki: How to view the publications of an Instagram account without having an account

Instagram En Un Iphone.jpg
Instagram En Un Iphone.jpg

Instagram is one of the most valuable and important networks for users. It is a gallery of photos and videos in which we can receive comments, likes and private messages, among other functions. However, there are users who do not have an account created and it may attract their attention to review certain profiles. Is there a way to do it. In this post we show you Picuki, a page with which they can review the complete accounts of certain users on Instagram, as well as their stories, hashtags and tagged locations.

Instagram does not allow to see the activity of a user on the internet without having an account

Testing and browsing the web, I realized that it is not possible to spend a lot of time observing the profile of a person without an account on Instagram. What do I mean? If you are looking for the profile of a person, you can see the most recent posts but you can’t open any photos in extended screen. Also when staying more than one minute it is not possible to see the user’s activity.

This is where Picuki comes in, it is a web page with which you can access Instagram profiles without having to log in or create an account on this social network.

How to view a full Instagram profile on Picuki

You can see both posts and stories available from a user profile. You can also search for specific hashtags and locations. To view a profile, do the following:

  1. Enter the page Picuki.
  2. Enter the username of the profile you want to view.
  3. Before searching, select the criteria of your preference, it can be All or directly in Profiles.
  4. Once the search is applied, select the correct profile.
  5. Ready, you can widely see all the photos and videos of the profile in question.