How to see the photos you liked on Instagram

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Instagram users press “Like” on the mobile screen dozens or hundreds of times a day, but… how can they see those photos they liked again? Possibly they want to show it to someone and they can’t find it by looking for the photos on their Instagram account

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The process to see the posts you like the most is not difficult, but it is important to remember the steps. Here you will find a complete tutorial to be able to find the saved posts section, whether they are videos or photos, which you may not have known can be saved in folders on Instagram. In this way you will not lose a single one of the posts that you find interesting.

Personalize the content of your feed with the photos you liked

When the user gives I like a video or post, Instagram begins to create a content profile. This allows your wall or feed to be full of posts about topics that are interesting to you, and also influences the reels and photos that appear in search previews.

The posts you like are saved in a special section within your account. Other users cannot see this content, since it is organized according to your own experience with the social network. The steps to save post content and view it are as follows:

-Select the icon with three lines in the upper right corner.

-Opens the Settings menu.

-Choose your account.

-Press the Posts you liked button.

The application will show you a complete list of those publications that you liked and that are still active on the network. It is a good way to gather all the content that you have been seeing on Instagram.

An alternative to save posts without liking

If you liked the photos but you don’t want to leave a like, there is still an alternative to save the content. You can create an Instagram Collection and add photos and videos. You can then view the saved content by following these instructions:

-Press the bookmark icon to save the post.

-Choose the Save to Collection option.

-Choose a name.

-Save the collection.

With these two actions you can save content to view it at any time that you like The best way to get the most out of your social network and save the content you really like.

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