How to see the photo of a WhatsApp contact when receiving a notification

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The instant messaging app still has its secrets, no matter how much we use it for hours and hours. Few users will know that there is a function so that, when you receive a message from a specific person, A notification with your profile picture appears on your mobile screen. In this way, you will be able to know at a glance if the person you are waiting for a message from has written to you or not, and without having to unlock your mobile, enter WhatsApp and get distracted by the rest of the messages.

WhatsApp has an option for a notification to appear on your mobile screen with the profile photo of the person who sends you the message

Once this feature is installed, you won’t even need to swipe down on the screen. When you do that, it appears a tab with all the messages you have received of different groups and users. However, what this tool allows is that the profile photo of the sender of the message appears directly on the screen, without having to slide.

The icon that appears at the top of the screen when you have received a WhatsApp message is that of the app itself. What will change by making this adjustment is that, instead of the app icon, you will see the photo of the person who sends you the message.

Here we explain step by step how you can install this feature on your WhatsApp. First of all, you should know that this is a feature only available for phones with Android 11 or later operating system.

-Priority contact: Once you have decided which contact or contacts you want to highlight when they write you a message, you must make them a priority. This implies that their notifications will have priority over others, and also that the chats with those contacts will always appear at the top of the interface.

-Priority settings: When the person you want to make a priority contact sends you a message, swipe up and down on the screen. By doing so you will see the content of the message, and then you must press and hold that box. After a few seconds, a new priority configuration screen will appear.

-“Priority”: That screen will show you an interface with three options: “Priority”, “Important” and “Others”. Click on the first to establish that contact as priority. That implies, as WhatsApp explains, that it is “displayed at the top in the conversation section in the form of a floating bubble, and the profile image appears on the lock screen.”