How to see the oldest post on an Instagram account

For whatever reason, more than one person has at some point wanted to review the first post from an Instagram account. It is not a difficult task to do it manually if the watched account has a small number of posts. However, media accounts or public figures may have a higher cumulative number of publications, which makes it difficult to perform this search manually.

For those cases in which the scroll Traditional is not enough, a browser extension offers a simple solution.

Social Scroll, an extension for Chrome that allows you to find the first publication of an Instagram account

This extension bases its operation on a very simple dynamic. Once installed and activated, like many other extensions, Social Scroll will present a button on the toolbar with its icon. That single button that is displayed is all you need to start looking for publications.

While an account is being reviewed, activating this extension automatically triggers a scroll that progressively advances —as old publications are loaded little by little— until the end is reached.

To take advantage of this tool, it is recommended to browse the web version of Instagram while logged in. This, because the preview of the accounts offered by this social network is extremely limited if it is reviewed from a browser without logging in. To avoid wasting time, it is necessary to keep visible the tab in which Instagram is open, as this extension does not work in the background.

An interesting aspect of this tool is that together with the button that activates its only function, a counter is presented that indicates how many publications precede the account’s inaugural post. As of the date and time of publication of this article, the account of @instagram It has 6991 publications after the first one made.

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Logically, there are factors that are beyond the control of any tool or possibility of public inspection, such as the existence of archived or deleted publications.

Although this extension is intended to be used from a computer browser, your experience is not limited solely to this spectrum. At least on Android, there are alternatives to use these extensions from your mobile.

Social Scroll is a totally free tool and can be obtained from the Chrome Web Store.