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How to see all your notifications on Android TV without having to touch the mobile

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It’s been years since seeing notifications on the mobile is not the only option for be aware of all our notices, whether from WhatsApp messages, emails or any other alert. The smartwatch itself fulfills this function, being able to see these notifications without having to touch the mobile at any time.

What you may not know is that you can see notifications even on tv. On android TV (including Google TV) there is an application that, being installed both on the television and on your mobile, allows you to synchronize all the notifications so that you are aware of them even when you are watching a series or a movie.

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Synchronize your notifications on TV like this

Android TV notifications

The first thing you should know is that the application that will allow you to have full synchronization between your mobile and TV notifications is called Notifications for Android TV. It is available on Google Play completely free of charge, although inside you will have the possibility of accessing a paid version with more options. However, with the version free should be enough for you.

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Once you install it you should grant it permissions to access notifications to the application, both on TV and on the smartphone. This will ensure that the system can recognize incoming notifications and display them on the screen as they are received.

Android TV notifications

When you have it configured, you will start to see your notifications on TV in a small banner which is located by default at the bottom right of the screen. A banner with a very mobile-style visual style and that from the app settings on TV you can change its location so that it appears in any other part of the screen that may be more comfortable.

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The notification as such is displayed for about 5 seconds approximately and does not allow you to interact directly with it, but it is interesting to at least have a preview and, if we consider it so, resort to the mobile to interact with it. Because something important about this app is that notifications do not disappear from mobile.

Notifications on Android TV

It is also relevant to say that on Android TV it is possible to access the notification summary just by entering the app. And it is that it has a very minimalist interface that perfectly separates the notifications received from the settings of the application itself.

In our experience of use we have verified that in general terms the application works quite well, although punctually it takes a few seconds to show the notification, not being as instantaneous as we would like. Although in the end it is something that can be considered normal and, as we said, it has been in some cases, normally having a delay time of no more than 3 seconds.

All the apps with active notifications on the mobile broadcast the notice on TV without any problem. Of course, synchronizing them with the TV may not be such a good idea.

Regarding apps that work with this app, to say that we have not noticed any absence. Both Google’s own apps like Gmail and third-party apps like WhatsApp issue notifications alike, although it will always depend on whether we have them active on the mobile or not. In other words, if you don’t have notifications activated for a certain application by default on your mobile, you won’t receive it on TV either.

Now we have to make you one. important warning about this app and it is in relation to your mental health. We understand that if you install this app it is because you have some interest in being aware of your notifications even when you watch TV. Nevertheless, could overwhelm you. After all, it is not a dish of good taste to try to earn a moment of disconnection in front of the television and receive, for example, work emails. Therefore, it is recommended that you deactivate certain notifications or that you even consider whether or not an app like this is worth it.

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