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How to see all the comments you’ve made on TikTok

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If you regularly use TikTok, you will know that the social network has been adding various tools and functions in recent times They have undoubtedly managed to improve the overall user experience.

And within these functions as such, there is one that was already available on other social networks and TikTok managed to integrate it into its platform for some time, and It is the one that allows you to view all the comments you have made within the app.

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That’s right, today it is possible to find all the comments that you have made on TikTok in the same place, and everything natively, so You won’t have to search video by video to find out which ones you commented on.

The function in question is called Comment History and accessing this it is something quite simple that you can do in a couple of minutesso if you are interested in knowing what all those comments that you have made on TikTok have been and you want to see them in one place, you just have to follow the steps that we will show you below.

Follow these steps to see all your comments on TikTok

See comments made on TikTok

– From your mobile device, enter the TikTok application and click on the section of Profilewhich is located in the lower right corner.
– Once inside your profile, click on the three white horizontal lines that are shown in the upper right corner.
– Access now to the option Settings and privacy.
– Within the sector of Content and displaygo to the tab History of comments and videos watched.
– Here you can access two different doors: Watched video historyeither comment history.

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And that’s it, entering this section of comment history You can now find everything you have answered in the videos you have watched over timewithout a doubt a function that turns out to be quite useful and that we can all get to take advantage of, especially if we end up making a lot of comments within the platform.

What do you want to delete that comment? No problem, because all you have to do is click on it to go to the video in question and then keep it pressed until a menu with various options is displayed. There you will only have to press on Eliminate and that’s it.

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