How to schedule the sending of emails on Apple iPad tablets

How to schedule the sending of emails on Apple iPad tablets

How to schedule the sending of emails on Apple iPad tablets

The tablets iPad They have become a good tool to control day to day, since they allow you to work with them if they are combined with a Bluetooth keyboard to manage the email anywhere. We show you how program sending a message in a simple way so that you have everything much more organized.

Doing this does not force you to install anything on the Apple tablet, since with the mail application that is included by default in the operating system, the objective we are talking about can be achieved with complete effectiveness. Therefore, the only thing you need to know are the steps to take to establish the desired configuration on the iPad and automatically send a message that has been left programmed without having to use the device from the Cupertino company.

This is how you program the sending of an email on the iPad

The latest version of the iPad operating system includes a version of the Mail app, which is the same one used in iOS 16, so you’re going to see a few Steps that work exactly the same both on the tablets we are talking about and on iPhone phones. This is what you have to do to set the schedule for sending a message:

  • It opens the Mail application that is included in the operating system itself as usual. Now, write an email that includes what you have to send, including attachments if necessary.
  • Write the destination address and, just to the right, you will see that a circular icon lights up in blue and that you must press continuously for a drop-down menu to appear. In this, choose Send later. I was then able to choose from the date to the time for the mail to be sent.
  • Once this is done, confirm the process and you are finished.
iPad tablet on top of a laptop

As you can see, everything is quite easy and, what is better, useful to get the most out of the iPad Mail application. You may be wondering how you can cancel the sending schedule of an email. this is quite easy, since you must open the section that is in the corresponding app where all the contents that have been programmed are -there is no loss-. And, having selected the desired one, you can delete it as usual. Come on, you don’t have to eat your head a lot to take advantage of this function of Apple tablets.


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