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How to Schedule Emails on iPhone

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In a iphone You can send automated messages to save time, but not only that, because if you have the latest version of the iOS 16 operating system, you can also schedule emails simply and quickly. This is important when there is a busy schedule that must be met.

No matter what the iPhone model is, the operating system allows you to schedule any email without complications.

Logically, to schedule the emails, you have to use the system’s default email application. This is an advantage because you will not have to download any third-party app, everything you need is on your mobile. Here we will give a guide with the procedure to carry out, it is very simple.

This is how emails are scheduled in iOS 16

– The first step is to enter the “Mail” app and touch the “Compose” button to start writing the message. When you have added a recipient, subject, and information to the email, the “Send” button will turn blue.

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– To schedule the email, press and hold the “Send” button. Several options will be displayed that will change depending on the time of day.

– To make a manual schedule, click on “Send later”, enter a date and time. Tap “Done” to schedule the message.

– Another option is to touch the “Send” button without leaving it pressed to send the email immediately.

Where to find the programmed e-mail?

Scheduled messages will appear in a separate mailbox in the “Mail” app on the iPhone. Enter the application and then go to the “Mailboxes” section. Entering the main view will suffice to see the folder, it will not be necessary to access a specific section. For more details, please enter the “Send Later” mailbox.

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If you want to modify a scheduled email, click on “Edit” to change any information that is incorrectly arranged. Once the arrangement is finished, click on “Done”.

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