How to schedule a video post on TikTok

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When spontaneity or immediacy are not essential values ​​for the dissemination of a TikTok video, content creators can take it easy and spread the videos at a later time… but without having to wait to press the button at the right time. .

The possibility of scheduling the publication of a video on TikTok is only available for professional accounts

Fortunately TikTok allows schedule the publication of a video for the moment chosen by the user, which may be, for example, at a time when a greater diffusion or a more suitable reach is guaranteed. Or simply being able to not worry about the moment of publication because at that moment something else is being done… or because it is a long video, one of the new features added to TikTok.

This is especially useful or advisable for content creators who are more concerned with a strategy aimed at obtaining the largest audience or gaining followers. For them, the moment of publication of the video may be essential, but they will not always have the availability to take care of the publication live, so it will be more comfortable to schedule the publication of the videos.

The only precaution to be taken into consideration is that only professional accounts can access the function of scheduling the publication of videos. These types of accounts are, as TikTok itself explains, “public profiles that allow brands and companies to use our marketing tools to create a cohesive business strategy.”

If you want to change the TikTok account to a professional one, simply access the profile and follow the path “Settings and privacy – Manage account – Change to company account”, after which you will have to specify the type of company you want. it is, in addition to providing other information in relation to the business or organization behind the account.

The second aspect that must be taken into account is that the programming of publications can only be managed from the web browser, both from the computer and from mobile devices, but on smartphones and tablets it cannot be done through the app but from the web browser.

Once inside the TikTok website and the account is duly identified, a new option will appear in the section to upload videos, “Schedule video”, where the possibility of selecting a day and time when the content will be published will appear. The video will be stored on the TikTok servers and will be published automatically when the specified time arrives.