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How to scan documents with your iPhone without installing a third-party application

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Scanning documents is something that we have been doing over the last decades thanks to the ability of computers to connect to the Internet and send files of all kinds, although, yes, then a whole endless series of devices connected to the PC were needed that they took up a good portion of the desk. With the arrival of smartphones and, above all, high-resolution cameras, many development teams thought it would be a good idea to develop tools capable of digitizing any content we have on paper with a simple photo, either to keep it as a souvenir in our photo library or to close a deal thanks to a contract that we just signed in the old fashioned way, with a fountain pen and all. Do not look for applications in the store The fact is that this proliferation of scanning apps has brought us some interesting names such as Google Scan or Microsoft Lens, although Apple has its own solution within iOS, hidden in one of the most useful applications that develop those of Cupertino. It is about “Notes”, which can be used for practically anything we can imagine, from pointing out a thought, drawing a finger or digitizing a document. If you want to access this tool, you just have to open the notes application and create a new one. You will see a blank page, the keyboard and a series of icons just above. Now you tap on the camera icon to display a menu like the one you have just above and select the option “Scan documents”. The image of the camera will appear on the screen so it only remains to focus on that page that we want to digitize. When the app detects the shape of a sheet, it will indicate the area with white lines and rounded corners that we can move to adjust them to the exact point. In this way, when we accept that configuration, when obtaining the image it will be much more centered and with that scanning effect of a professional machine. That document will be inserted into the note to always have it at hand if necessary, although if you need to share it with someone it is always possible to take it separately and take it to the gallery. Thus, once saved there, you can use any of the functions to share on social networks, messaging apps, email and any other method that you usually use to send files to family, friends or colleagues.

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