How to save your parking with Android Auto without touching your phone

how to save your parking with android auto without touching.webp.webp.webp
how to save your parking with android auto without touching.webp.webp.webp

Android Auto is an extension of our phones on the screen of our cars for music, notifications and, of course, for navigation. That means we don’t have to constantly touch our phone when we’re in the car (and we shouldn’t!). In fact, it is not even necessary to touch the mobile to save the location where you have parked the car.

Because if it has ever happened to you, you understand how desperate this situation can be: you parked your car while you were rushing to your destination, and when you want to return home… you don’t remember where it is. Previously, it was typical to use your cell phone to save the location, but if you have Android Auto, the car will do it for you.

Google Maps, where is my car?

Google recently incorporated an extremely useful feature in the version of Google Maps for Android Auto: the search giant’s navigation application is now also available can save where you have parked the car.

That is, to save the location of your car when parking, it is not necessary to install an additional application or do any tricks, the function is available directly in Google Maps. You just have to have the application updated to its most recent version to be able to take advantage of it.

When you arrive at your destination, the Google Maps screen in Android Auto now displays a new slider button in the top right corner that says “Save parking”, next to the letter “P”. If you check that box, Maps will save the location of your car directly from the Android Auto screen, without taking your phone out of your pocket.

Android Auto Parking Parking

To find your car, of course, you will need the help of your cell phone. Access the Google Maps application on your smartphone and look for the marker on the map that says “You have parked here.” On the other hand, if you have gone too far from the car and cannot easily find the marker, you can press the search bar and then press on Where is my car? In this way, Google Maps will mark the path on the map to your car.

If you forgot to save the location, there is still hope

But let’s say you were in such a hurry to your destination, maybe you were going to be late for an important meeting, and you forgot to check the “Save parking” box on the Maps screen in Android Auto. Don’t despair, all is not lost.

Google Maps, by default, usually records and stores the locations you have been to, and can also detect if you are

When writing this article I did the test and asked “where is my car” to Assistantand the assistant showed me the last location I went to in a car, even though that

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