How to save photos that disappear in WhatsApp

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Since WhatsApp incorporated the possibility of sharing the so-called “ephemeral photos” last year, which can only be seen once, many have circumvented this limitation through a simple screenshot at the time of viewing the image.

WhatsApp ephemeral images can only be seen once and the app also prevents them from being saved and even taking a screenshot

There was even the circumstance that initially the limitation acted only in the mobile app, so when viewing the images via desktop app or WhatsApp Web was without effect. The solution did not take long to arrive in the form of an update that prevented taking said screenshot, and this time it was done permanently and in all versions of the platform. A great advance with respect to the first moments in which at most the sender received a notice that a screenshot had been taken.

even so they remain two ways to get those screenshotsalthough one of them, the first, only for mobile devices with the Android operating system and not without some complexity.

-Rooted Android mobile: If the access of the operating system that allows the user to access the root of the system has been unlocked, the images that WhatsApp only allows to view once will be available since with a file manager You can see everything that the app saves in the mobile storage folder.

Specifically, the folder where the application stores them is at the address “data/data/com.whatsapp/files/ViewOnce”, where it will suffice to find the most recent JPG file. In this method, the complexity lies in being able to tinker with the operating system with enough care so as not to load anything when rooting it.

-IOS or Android phones without rooting: The method is somewhat sloppy but, being “analog”, the truth is that for the moment it is unbeatable and no software protection capable of counteracting it has yet been developed.

The only requirement is to have another mobile device, because the solution is as pedestrian as take a picture of the mobile screen where that ephemeral image is being displayed.

To counteract the expected loss of quality in the resulting capture, some tests will have to be carried out to achieve optimal lighting conditions (better in a room with low light), brightness (it is recommended to increase the brightness of the screen on the mobile that shows the image ephemeral) and exposure (advisable to hold both mobile phones on a fixed support and take the picture with the timer).

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