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How to save our medical information on the smartphone?

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Having our medical information at hand to be prepared for any eventuality is something that has been made much easier thanks to smartphones. Previously, people had cards showing their blood type and vaccination certificates. At this time, we can save our medical information on the smartphone and have it available to display at any time. If you are interested in this option, we will teach you how to do it on Android and iOS.

At a time when it is important to have this type of data and our vaccination certificate, it is worth knowing how to do it.

Save your medical information on your smartphone

This is useful for many circumstances, for example if you are traveling and need to show a vaccination or health certificate. Likewise, if any health eventuality occurs to you, you can have everything at hand to inform the doctors who treat you.

Save medical information on iOS

IOS devices have an application called Health App aimed precisely at these purposes. Here we can scan the QR of your vaccination card, to enter data from your medical history

When you open the app, you will have to enter your name, weight, blood type, if you are an organ donor and also your emergency contacts. From the Health application itself and also the Wallet you can store your image of the vaccination card to display it quickly.

Save medical information on Android

Unlike iOS, Android does not have an option or application dedicated to these purposes. Despite this, there is a section that we can take advantage of to enter some medical information and that is Emergency Information. However, its presence will always depend on the manufacturer and the customization layer.

To locate it quickly, go to the mobile settings and in the search bar write “Emergency”. This will filter all the sections that have the word and you can easily find the emergency information section. Here you can also insert data such as your blood type and you can also register emergency contacts.

These options are useful in the days we live where vaccines are always being checked to enter public places and other activities.