How to save on your summer trips using the Internet

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The popularization of the Internet and social networks has completely changed the way we plan vacations and the development of our trips.

Being permanently connected while we travel has endless advantages: it allows us to stay in touch with our loved ones, update our social networks and even… save money. If you don’t believe it, in this article we are going to give you all the keys to save on your vacation thanks to the connectivity provided by the Holafly eSIM cardwith which you will always have Internet on your mobile wherever you travel.

In fact, on the Holafly website you can purchase the most suitable package for each trip. Among the options there are more than 160 destinations around the world. In addition, you can find regional plans such as the eSIM for Europe, with which you can enjoy an Internet connection in more than 30 European countries by purchasing a single eSIM.

Do you want to know how to save on your vacation thanks to being connected to the Internet? Read on to discover ways you may not have imagined.

Internet has changed the way of traveling

The fact that the vast majority of mobile phones currently on the market are already smartphones (more than 90% worldwide) and the development of high-speed networks -4G and in many cases 5G- have caused traveling has become a 2.0 activity in which few are willing to give up connectivity.

Being connected during the holidays not only allows you to check your work email from time to time to see that everything is controlled, if necessary and your activity -or your boss- requires it. Even if you’re lucky and don’t want to know anything about your office mates and what’s going on at your company while they’re gone, you still want to stay connected at all times on your trip for other reasons.

Surely you want to be able to stay in touch with your family and friends to find out about them and be able to tell them about your adventures and what you are enjoying during your trip through instant messaging tools or making calls over VoIP using the Internet connection. You will also want to update your social networks to show that paradisiacal place that you have found or share the photo of the paella that you have ordered or any other succulent delicacy that you are going to enjoy.

But in addition to all that, having an Internet connection at all times during your vacations -wherever you travel- using a Holafly SIM card It will bring you other advantages, such as the possibility of saving and a lot during your rest period.

How to save by being permanently connected on your vacation

Perhaps you had not thought about it, but having an Internet connection at all times during your vacation not only allows you to stay in touch with your family and friends or update your social networks, but it can also help you save money.

If you want the outlay during your trips to be less, or have extra money to buy a souvenir or have dinner in that place that you thought you could not afford during the holidays, make sure you can be online at all times and stay tuned for these tips:

-Full connectivity with a single eSIM card

To be permanently connected with your mobile phone, wherever you travel, even if you visit several countries, on the Holafly website you will always find the most suitable package for each trip. In their eSIM cards there are options for more than 160 destinations around the world, but you can also get a regional plan that covers different destinations.

For example, imagine that you are going to travel throughout Europe and that you are going to visit several countries. You will not have to purchase a pack for each country, but with the eSIM for Europe you will be able to enjoy Internet connection in more than 30 European countries for the purchase of a single eSIM card. This will mean considerable savings and will allow you to always be connected wherever you are, which will lead to considerable savings, as we explain in the following sections.

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-Savings on accommodation while connected

Being permanently connected during the trip will allow you to access mobile applications and web pages where you can find hotels, apartments, campsites… and any other cheaper accommodation option. You may have booked where to stay well in advance, but having connectivity will allow you to check last-minute offers wherever you are and maybe you can change accommodation and save a few euros.

Many establishments, before leaving the places unoccupied, offer them with significant discounts on tourism applications and web pages and you can benefit from these advantages. There are comparators for hotels, pensions, rural accommodation… that you can use with a connection and always benefit from the best price for your overnight stays, also choosing the extras you want: if it includes breakfast, if you prefer a double bed or, for example, if they allow pets, something that will be very useful if you travel with your faithful friend.

In the same way, if at the last moment you decide to change your destination or prefer to stay one more night in that place that you liked so much, you can make an online reservation without problem if you have an Internet connection wherever you are with a card Holafly SIMwithout having to depend on having a data plan contracted with your operator, if there is roaming or if they will overcharge you for accessing the Internet, which would mean an extra cost on your telephone bill and, consequently, lose any savings you now you got

So, having a connection on your trips can help you find cheaper accommodation or enjoy that discount coupon that a hotel establishment has posted on its website. Do you want more reasons not to stop being online on your trips? Keep reading!

-Savings on transport

You may have booked flights to and from your vacation destination months ago, but it’s quite possible that you haven’t booked local transportation or how to get from one place to another during your trip. Having a connection on your mobile without having to pay more on your bill or depending on roaming will allow you to carry out these small transactions easily and, in addition, save a few euros.

If you have an Internet connection, you can access applications that allow you to hire and reserve taxis or VTC vehicles in advance. You will be able to know at all times how much money they will charge you for the journey you want to make and even compare between different companies, to select the one that offers you the most economical transfer thanks to not including additional supplements or offering some type of discount.

In the same way, if you need to buy a bus or train ticket, many companies offer discounts for those who make the purchase over the Internet. This way you also make sure you have your place and not arrive at the ticket office at the last minute and be left without the possibility of getting on the means of transport because there are no more free places. The same happens if you want to buy a last minute flight. With a connection you can access one of the many web pages that compare tickets between companies and types of transport and always get the best prices.

-Savings in gasoline

If you make the trip in your own means of transport -whether it’s your car, a motorcycle or a camper van- you can also save by being connected if every time you need to refuel gasoline you can access the Internet and use one of the many apps that compare prices of the fuel and they point you to the nearest gas station. This way you can benefit from the best prices when it comes to refueling and also make sure that you have a pump nearby to avoid scares when the tank runs out.

-Savings on tourist tickets

Having an Internet connection during your trip you will also enjoy other additional advantages, for example, when purchasing your tourist tickets for museums, exhibitions, theater shows… If you can access web pages and mobile applications with special offers for those who reserve their tickets Through the Internet you will get the best prices and you will also be able to choose the schedules that best suit your travel plan.

Many tourist companies, such as those that offer boat trips to a certain destination, or many water parks, zoos or amusement parks, offer discounts to people who purchase tickets over the Internet, since they thus save bureaucracy, paperwork and unnecessary queues at the ticket office.

For you, being able to comfortably manage your tickets through your smartphone thanks to having a connection at all times with a SIM card like Holafly’s will mean, in addition to significant money savings, considerable time savings, which you can use to rest or in doing any other activity you want during your trip.

-Savings in restaurants

Having the possibility of connecting to the Internet during the trip also means being able to access the different pages and mobile applications for restaurant reservations and making sure to eat typical local food -or any other specialty- at the best price. In addition to being able to reserve a table at the indicated date and time, many of these apps offer discounts, access to special menus or points in their loyalty programs that can be later exchanged for discounts or other benefits just for making the reservation through them.

-Savings changing currency

If you travel to a foreign country where a different currency is used than the one used in your place of origin, having a connection to be able to access a currency exchange app can help you save. This is so because many of these applications indicate when is the best time to change money, taking into account the price in real time. Take advantage of the rises and falls when buying or selling foreign currency.

-Save by sharing expenses

And speaking of money, another way to save is to use an app that helps you share expenses with the rest of the people you travel with. This way you will always know who has paid what and the money that each one owes to the other. Using these apps with an internet connection, you will make sure that each person pays their share of the shared expenses during the holidays… If nobody leaves you anything to owe, it will also be a way to save on your travel expenses.


As you can see, having Internet during your trips will help you save more than you probably thought. So, now you have one more compelling reason -besides being in contact with your family and friends or being able to check your email inbox- for wanting to be connected from your mobile at all times on your vacation, without having to think about roaming or support additional expenses on your telephone bill at the end of the month. Use a SIM card like Holafly’s on your next vacation and you will be able to save and enjoy your trip much more.

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