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How to save gas with Google Maps

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For save on fuel It is not enough to find the cheapest gasoline, we also have to drive the most efficient routesand that is what the latest Google Maps feature allows us to do.

Recently Google Maps has launched in Spain the ecological routesa new feature that will help us save fueland therefore also money, during our trips, as we will see below.

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Use the ecological routes of Google Maps

Google Maps Routes Saving

If we want to save fuel on routes with Google Maps, we have to make sure that the application is going to give priority to ecological routes. To do this when we are calculating a route we have to go to its menu and in ‘route options’ check that the new option is activated ‘Give priority to routes with fuel economy. We will also find this option from Settings > Navigation settings.

Choose your type of engine

Google Maps Type Engine

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So that Google Maps can adjust the ecological routes to our car we have to choose the type of engineselecting your our car is gasoline, diesel, electric or hybrid. We can select the type of motor from the route optionssince the navigation settings or after getting directions by swiping up the panel to find the ‘Change engine type’ option.

Google Maps Type Engine

Select the most efficient route

Echo Route

Once the type of fuel has been selected and we have chosen a destination, we only have to tap on the route that appears with the icon of a plant leafwhich means that it is a ecological route with which we will be saving fuel. Most of the time it will match the fastest route but sometimes it won’t. Sometimes the greenest route will be the least fast, so we have to shuffle whether to save time or money.

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fuel saving

Google Maps, in addition to informing us of the estimated time of the route, will also show us a estimation of the % of fuel that we will save if we circulate along its route, which are normally very important percentages of savings between circulating along one route and another, more ecological route.

For calculate the most efficient routesGoogle Maps takes into account the average fuel or energy consumption of vehicles in the area, the level of elevation on the route, traffic, and the type of roads (such as local roads or highways).

Image | flat icon
In Engadget Android | Save money on gasoline: this map finds you the nearest and cheapest gas station from your mobile

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