How to restore an Amazon Echo device quickly and easily

It does not usually happen much, but sometimes the devices of the range amazon echo They don’t work as they should, and the reason is unknown. This ends up becoming a major problem, which ends up driving anyone crazy. If you don’t want to think about it too much, the ideal thing is to restore the computer so that it’s back to the way it was on the first day and everything goes back to normal.

Doing this is very effective, but you should be aware that any settings made will be lost, so you have to start from zero (ideal, therefore, if you want to give the accessory away or sell it to a third party). Achieving this is quite simple and, furthermore, safe, since you simply have to use the options that Amazon itself makes available to users. Consequently, you will not take any risk… something that is very important.

The best method to reset an Amazon Echo

It’s possible to use Amazon’s Alexa app to do this, but you may not have it installed on your phone at the time, or you just don’t feel like having it on your iOS or Android device. No problem, since the well-known online store offers a website in which you can carry out the entire process in a very effective and fast way. Below, you can see the steps you have to take to achieve the goal of solving any problem with the Amazon Echo:

  • Access the Alexa page using any browser that exists, since compatibility is complete in all of them. To get it, use this link.
  • Now you have to enter your profile, for which you must enter the credentials you have in your Amazon account.
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  • In the new screen that appears, in the area on the left, you can see a section called Settings. This will make you see the list you have of accessories, you must click on the one you have to reset.
  • To proceed to return to the factory state, you must look for the gray button called Unregister. By doing this, the device returns to its original state once you confirm the operation.
  • Once this is done, you just have to wait a few seconds and then you are done.

As you have seen, it is all quite intuitive and you can carry out the process both on the Amazon Echo Show and on the company’s smart speakers. Even if someone gives you their data, you can help them restore a device remotely, which is always positive with children and older people. The fact is that the online store offers many possibilities to always get the most out of its products.