How to restore Amazon Fire tablets to leave it as the first day

How to restore Amazon Fire tablets to leave it as the first day

How to restore Amazon Fire tablets to leave it as the first day

Sometimes devices stop working as well as they did at the beginning, and one of the few remaining solutions is to restore them to the same state as when they left the factory. If you don’t know how to do this with tablets Amazon Firewe show you the steps you must take to achieve it.

By performing this process, eliminate all the data that is inside the device, so it is very important that any information you have – and that is important – you save it before in the cloud or another place. Otherwise, you will lose it. The same goes for the established configuration and the Applications installed. Therefore, you must be completely safe when you decide to start leaving the computer as the first day, since there is no going back (and it can lead to a nasty surprise if you have not been careful).

The process to perform on the Amazon Fire

It is quite simple to execute the steps to take to factory restore one of these tablets that, we remember, uses the Fire OS fork that is based on Google’s Android operating system. The duration of the restoration depends on the model you have. But, the normal thing is that they do not exceed 10 minutes to do this -in the worst case-. It is very important that the equipment load is at least 70% so as not to scare you (and, if you can have it connected to the current, even better). This is what you have to do:

  • Access the tablet’s Settings using the Settings icon that is included on the home screen and has the shape of a cogwheel.
  • What you have to do next is go to the bottom of the list of sections and choose the one called Device Options. Click on it and you will enter a new screen with the possibilities offered by this tool.
Restore Amazon Fire tablet

  • One of the ones that you will find is called Reset to default settings. This is the one you have to use to enter the process that will leave the Amazon Fire as the first day. A window appears that you have to confirm.
  • Now the tablet restarts and you have to wait for the whole process to finish, there is a progress indicator that helps you see if the end is more or less near. When everything is finished, the computer will restart.
  • You have finished and, therefore, you have the device as new.

Once that’s all done, you’ll have to start all over with the Amazon Fire. That is to say, the process of initial configuration you must run it Like the first day. And then it will touch the additional time of installation of applications. All this is somewhat tedious, but it will make the device work as well as possible. Therefore, we are talking about an option that turns out to be a life saver.


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