How to restore a TV with the Android TV operating system to leave it as new

How to restore a TV with the Android TV operating system to leave it as new
how to restore a tv with the android tv operating

Without a doubt one of the best operating systems that exist for Smart TVs is Android, the development of Google. One of the options that it offers, as it happens with phones or tablets, is that it is possible to restore it so that you erase everything and start from scratch with it. We tell you how to get it in case you need to do this at some point.

There are many options offered by Android TV that make it an excellent option and reason for purchase. Since the installation of a large number of applications (including games or streaming platform clients), there is also the It is easy to navigate through its menus -and even being able to use different profiles for each person at home-. But, it may be that due to a malfunction or because you want to use the television in another house, it is necessary delete it all. And this is what is achieved with the restoration (or Recover, as it is called in the operating system itself).

Steps to restore a television with Android TV

If the model you have at home is one of those that uses the unmodified version, the actions you have to do are the ones we show you below. How are you going to check? they are not particularly complicated, but you must be clear that once you start the process there is no going back and leave the Smart TV as the day you took it out of the box. This is what you have to do:

  • Turn on the Smart TV in the normal way and, once the main screen with the remote is on, select the gear-shaped icon in the upper right area of ​​the screen. Use the controller for it.
  • Now you will see in the area on the right the Android TV options menu, where among the possibilities that exist you have to click on the one called Device Preferences, which is in the middle area.
  • You enter a new menu in which you have to scroll to the last entry called Recover, which is what allows you to factory reset the equipment. Use it and a confirmation screen appears where you have to choose, again, the Recover option. The process begins and you must wait for it to finish.
  • When this happens, you will see that the TV starts as normal and that Android TV is not configured, something that you have to do again to make everything work normally. Done this, you are done.

Nothing complex and, yes, now you have a lot of homework ahead of you because you have to install all apps that are needed (and enter their corresponding credentials) and, it may even be that you have to download some update of the user interface. But, the fact is that leaving the Android TV operating system as new is very simple.


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