How to request the Digital Certificate without having to leave home

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Next June 30 ends the term to present the Income Statement, and the best way to do it comfortably is through the digital certificate. Until now, the process to request it required going to a face-to-face center, but you can now request the digital certificate online and without leaving home. In this case, it is priced at 2.99 euros + VAT, but the truth is that the comfort it offers makes it well worth it. Don’t know how to do it? We tell you step by step how to request the Digital Certificate online. First step: request the certificate as always The first thing to do is request the digital certificate as it has always been done, since the first part is exactly the same. To do this, you must follow these steps. All thanks to a new service available through the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (FNMT) so that the verification process can be done from the mobile, avoiding going to a face-to-face center. First, download the ‘NFMT-RCM’ configurator on Windows, Linux or macOS through this linkOnce you have installed Autofirma, continue with the process by returning to this link and clicking on step 2 “certificate request”Now, click on Authentication and click on AcceptMarca Grado Alto if you use Fire Fox and click on the Consular link and accept the conditions for issuing the certificateNow, accept and click NextMark “NSS Certificate DB”.Fill in all the information and click on AcceptClick on Sign If you have If you have followed the steps correctly, you will receive a confirmation message in your email with a code. And this code is the one that will be used for the verification app Step 2: verify your identity to obtain the digital certificate online Have your ID handyAccess this web page from your mobile phone and fill in the required information (name, surname and ID) Now, the app will ask you for a photo of the DNI on both sides. Sometimes it fails, be patient and repeat the process until the photo is not blurry. You will be asked for proof of life, which is using your front camera in the app and showing your face by turning sideways. You may be asked that you move your head and show your ID in the video. If you have followed the steps, it will say the following: Thank you for using our video-identification service! The video remote identification process has finished Finally, you will receive an email. You only have to click on the link, enter the application number, pay the 2.99 euros plus VAT and you already have your Digital Certificate without leaving home. >

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