How to report a case of animal abuse to the National Police from your mobile phone?

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Cases of animal abuse, unfortunately, are not uncommon. In 2022 there were more than 1,600 related complaints, and it is easy to imagine that there would also be cases that went unnoticed without their corresponding communication to the authorities. That is why the Ministry of the Interior has launched a new initiative that makes it easier to communicate this type of situation.

Animals are defenseless beings that they need all the protection that can be given to them. Therefore, if they are aware of any type of case of abuse, the National Police and the Civil Guard want to know so they can act accordingly. Now we have a very convenient way to do this: by updating the AlertCops app.

Instant use

It is possible that you do not know AlertCops, since it is an application that does not receive as much prominence as it should given how very useful it is. Used so you can feel safe at many types of times and with the intention of having a direct communication channel with the authorities. From its main screen, different buttons are offered and, to take advantage of the app, you only have to touch the corresponding one at all times.

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📢 Collaborate with @policia and @guardiacivil to combat animal abuse 🐶🐈

🚨 If you are a witness to a case, you can report it through the functionality included in the @alertcops app

📲 You just have to press the #animalabuse alert ⤵️

November 8, 2023 • 07:02



The latest update has brought with it the incorporation of a new button that is located exactly in the lower right corner. What we do with this button, which It is called animal abuse., is to start a process with which we communicate with the National Police to let them know what is happening in the situation of which we are aware. Below, we tell you step by step how to follow the process.

Report a case of animal abuse

The first thing is to download the app, either through Google Play, App Store or from its website. You have it available under the name AlertCops and, of course, it is free. When installing it, you will see a message that refers to the fact that it is an official police app and the Civil Guard and, then, you will be asked for your name. On the next screen you will see the information corresponding to the way in which the app guarantees your privacy. Thus, for example, the location of your device is only shared in those cases in which you need to send some type of alert in which it is vital.

AlertCops report animal abuse

During the registration process you will be asked for several permissions, you will be able to activate notifications and then you will also have to verify your phone number by receiving an SMS message. Additionally, you have the opportunity to choose the security level you prefer between High, medium and low. This will influence the different options that you will find within the application. After the last adjustments that you can make depending on your needs, you will reach the main screen and you will see the pet paw icon in the position that we have indicated. Now tap on that option and, if you can attach evidence, do so by following the steps, in which you have the option to add photos or videos.

Sending evidence of animal abuse in AlertCops

Then choose how you are going to communicate the animal abuse alert: with chat or by call. Below, in addition, the app provides you with information about this type of crime and about everything else you need to know to be informed so that you do not miss the infractions that you are witnessing. When you have selected the contact method, you can speak with a Police representative to inform them of what you know and what you want them to remedy.

Animal abuse alert communication

As you can see, Using the application is really simple and it makes it easier for you to help all types of pets to stop suffering from those terrible acts of animal abuse of which they may be victims. The authorities will take the case very seriously and, as has happened before with the other AlertCops functions, will do everything in their power to put an end to the situation. Also, don’t forget that this app can also be very useful as an alternative to calling 112 to report robberies, attacks, fights, illegal occupations or gender violence.

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