How to remove YouTube videos you’ve already watched from the Watch Later list

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Sure, when you enter YouTube, you discover a good number of videos that catch your attention, but you don’t have enough time to watch them all. To solve this problem, there is the Watch Later list, in which you can add options that you are sure you are going to review and you do not want to lose them (or have to look for them later). But there is a problem with this tool: when you see something that is added, it is not deleted automatically. Well, we are going to tell you how to do this by hand so that you have everything perfectly organized. The truth is that it is surprising that YouTube does not include the option for everything to be done automatically, since it would be normal so as not to generate additional work for the user. But, for the moment, it is not like that. In any case, as you will see, carrying out the operation is something that is not particularly complicated and it will not take you much time either. This is how you remove a video from the Watch Later list. The steps you have to take are the ones we are going to show you below. We have chosen to do everything with the application for smartphones, since we believe that it is the ideal option because it is the most used and it does not overcomplicate the actions to be carried out. Without further ado, follow the instructions that we show you: Open YouTube as usual, and then click on the icon in the lower right part called My library. Look for the section called Playlists, which is where you can see the option See more late. Click on it to access and see everything you have included. The following is for use in the icon in the upper right area that has three points and, among the options that appear in the menu that is displayed, there is one called Remove watched videos. Give it use and all the ones you have visualized will disappear as if by magic. Once this is done, you are done and you already have everything perfectly ordered. Something that you must be very clear about is that if you execute the steps that we have indicated, it is possible that you delete something that you want to have saved even though you have already seen it. Therefore, you must move the video in question to an additional list and, if you do not do this, you may have to search for it again… which is a real nuisance due to the large amount of content on YouTube. >

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