How to remove the startup sound on all Apple MacBook computers

How to remove the startup sound on all Apple MacBook computers
how to remove the startup sound on all apple macbook

Most of you are familiar with the iconic startup sound of Mac computers. Although Apple disabled this feature for a while, starting with the 2016 MacBook Pro lineup, the firm actively integrated it back into the macOS Big Sur operating system in 2020. Yes you want it to stop appearing every time you start the computer, we show you how to achieve it.

What can lead you to disable the startup sound of your Mac

While the startup sound is recognizably a Mac-only feature, it can be annoying for some (depending, of course, on the volume level you set before shutting down your machine). Therefore, the computer can play the startup sound at a very high volume while you are in a quiet place. A discomfort that you can avoid.


If you’re someone who frequents quiet environments, like a library, it might be a good idea to turn off the startup sound. And the Steps to achieve it are very simple and, at the same time, completely safe.

So disable the startup sound in macOS

Disabling the startup sound in macOS is pretty easy. You will not need to use an additional application for this, which is always a positive. follow these Steps:

  • Click the Apple menu in the menu bar with your mouse, then select System Settings from the dropdown menu.
  • Next, use the section called Sound in the sidebar.
  • The next thing is to disable the Play sound at startup option on the right side.
  • That done, you’re done, and nothing will bother anyone when you turn on your computer (and no one will know you’ve done this, by the way).
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If your Mac computer uses macOS Monterey or Big Sur, you can find the same settings in System Preferences > Sound Effects. But if your computer is running an even older version of macOS, you won’t have the option to turn off the startup sound in your Mac’s settings.

Macs offer many configuration options

From now on, you won’t have to worry about the startup sound when you turn on your Mac. It’s not suitable for certain environments and can be embarrassing if played at full volume. If you wish further modify the settings sound system on your computer, you can also set custom alert sounds, especially if you don’t like the default ones.