How to remove the search bar on the home screen on iPhone phones

How to remove the search bar on the home screen on iPhone phones
how to remove the search bar on the home screen

How to remove the search bar on the home screen on iPhone phones

If you’ve recently purchased a new Apple phone, such as the iPhone 14 Pro Maxyou may have noticed that the iOS 16 home screen has a persistent search bar…. And you are not at all happy to have to suffer it constantly. We tell you what you have to do so that disappear once when using the terminal of the Cupertino company.

This search bar is visible on all pages and can be intrusive to many. While it is a quick shortcut for access Spotlight Search, you can just swipe down on the home screen instead of relying on it… so there’s not much point in having it there either and makes it pretty much useless for many users. If you are one of those who is annoyed by its presence, you will be happy to know that you can disable it by following the steps below on an iPhone.

This is how you disable the search bar on the home screen of an iPhone

The whole process is really easy, and you don’t endanger anything on the Apple phone. In addition, the North American firm has thought that users can do this, since offers everything necessary for this in the operating system. That is to say, that you are going to follow some steps that are official, and this always sets aside excellent security. Do the following to kill the bar:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone as normal. One way is by using the corresponding icon in the list of applications that you have installed.
  • Now you must go to the Home screen section to find the parameters that you must modify.
Settings icon in iOS for iPhones

  • Look for a slider labeled “Show on home screen” below the search header. And just turn it off.
  • Now, the search bar will no longer be visible on all pages of your home screen. To use Spotlight Search, just swipe down.

As you can see, it is very easy to disable the intrusive search bar on the iOS home screen. After all, this button has practically no purpose, considering that the swipe gesture exists and is so convenient. If for some reason you miss the dedicated search bar, you can enable it again following the same steps listed above, since the process can be done as many times as you consider necessary so that your iPhone is exactly the way you like it.