How to remove the ‘likes’ on Facebook and forget about digital anxiety

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One of the things about Facebook that makes users anxious is constantly checking whether the posts uploaded to the social network are liked by many people. There is a way to prevent this from finally becoming a serious problem: hide the so-called ‘likes’, and we will tell you how to achieve it. The truth is that this option exists among the Company Settings owned by Meta, integrated among the management tools, but not many people know the exact place where this can be done. And, therefore, this is exactly what we are going to show using the smartphone client that currently exists in Facebook (the steps to take are practically the same for both iOS and Android, which is very good news). The steps you have to take to remove the ‘Like’ from Facebook You will see that in a matter of a few minutes you get this which, for many, will be a break because they will not have to constantly check how many users like what they have uploaded. And this is achieved simply and simply because the option is not visible in the interface of the social network. We show you below what you have to do to achieve it, since, in addition, the site where the configuration location is has changed since it was launched on the market. Enter the Facebook application that you usually use on your phone, you may have to enter your credentials on a regular basis. Now access Settings, something you get by using the icon in the upper right area with three horizontal lines that is usually called hamburger. Scroll down to find a section called Settings and privacy, use the arrow on the right pointing down. Among the options you see now, choose Settings. Within Preferences, you must click on Reaction Preferences, which takes you to the place where you can hide the ‘I like’ that have been made to your publications. You have two possibilities that are activated by a slider. The first removes what you see in the publications of others, while the second in what you have uploaded. We recommend that you use both first. Once this is done, you have finished the process. As you have seen, it is not at all complex to achieve the desired objective. Also, if you want to restore the initial settings, you simply have to redo the steps above and disable the sliders. It’s that simple to avoid the stress that many see what they like or don’t like on Facebook. >

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