How to remove the ‘Archived’ tab from WhatsApp

how to remove the 'archived' tab from whatsapp

Archived WhatsApp chats used to be accessed from a discreet link at the bottom of the chat list, but this changed a year ago, with new archived messages being kept archived forever. Since then, the archived messages shortcut shows above chats.

If it bothers you to have the shortcut to the archived messages tab so visible in your WhatsApp, we tell you the only way to remove it without resorting to inventions or unrecommended MODs of the WhatsApp app.

So you can end the Archived tab

If the first thing you see when you open WhatsApp is the Archived tab and you don’t like that, we have good and bad news. The good news is that Is it possible to remove the Archived tab from WhatsApp. The bad news is that to do so you will have to completely dispense with the function of archiving messages.

The only way to make this shortcut go away is that there are no archived messages, which implies that you will have to choose between bringing them back to your chats or deleting them forever. You will have to make the decision between whether you prefer to have your WhatsApp without this direct access or use the functionality of archiving messages. Unfortunately, there is no setting to hide it and keep the messages archived.


Therefore, the way to get rid of this shortcut will be to tap on Archived and zero the list. To do this, you need to do a long tap on a conversation to start the message selection mode.

You have two options to remove a message from the archived list: unarchive it or delete it forever. If you unarchive it, it will return to the chat list and will return to the top of the list when receiving new messages. If you delete it, it will be deleted forever and you will not be able to recover it.


WhatsApp without the Archived section

When you have finished with all the archived conversations, when you return to the main WhatsApp window you will see that The shortcut for archived messages is no longer displayed. Mind you, it will come back as soon as you archive a conversation again. This is the summary of all the steps to remove the Archived tab from WhatsApp:

  • Go into archived

  • Do a long tap on one of the chats

  • Choose if you want to delete it or unarchive it

  • Repeat the process with all archived messages

  • When you are done and go back to the WhatsApp Chats tab, the Archived shortcut will no longer be displayed

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