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How to remove the ads that appear in the Promotions tab in Gmail

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If you are one of those who uses Google’s Gmail email client, which is quite normal because it offers great quality and is also free, it is possible that some of the functions that it has activated by default you do not like very much. An example is what is known as Top Picks (which are nothing more than some ads that appear in Promotions). Well, there is a way to make them bother less. These options are quite annoying, since in the Gmail section that we have mentioned they always appear in the upper area and, therefore, they leave what really interests you in the background. Consequently, surely on some occasion you have thought seriously about how to reduce its impact in the best possible way -and without affecting the operation of the mail client-. Well, this exists and you can do it with a simplicity that will leave you perplexed. This is how you avoid ads in the Gmail client. To do this, you can use all existing versions of Gmail, but for usability we believe that it is best that you know how to act in both the iOS and Android applications. In this way, anywhere you will be able to achieve this without having to rely on having a computer at hand. You have to do the following: Steps to follow in iOS Open the application as usual, and then go to the area where the icon called hamburger is (which is the one that shows three horizontal lines). Now you have to scroll to find the Settings section. Now, you will see that you have a large number of options in front of you. Well, you should find the one called Customizations of the Inbox. Within this you must choose to locate a slider called Best selections and, then, you must disable it. Once this is done, you are finished. What you have to do in Gmail for Android The process in this case is just as intuitive as the previous one, and it won’t take you long to be able to almost completely remove the ads in the mail application that Google has. The steps are listed below: Enter the Gmail application and, there, access the options menu for which you have to click on the hamburger icon as we have explained before. The next thing you have to do is go to the Gmail ID , and then choose Inbox Categories. Once you’re in, you need to disable the Top Picks feature. And voila, you’re done. Simpler impossible. >

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