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How to remove images from Google searches and why you should care

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Privacy on the internet is both a delicate and a relative issue, since although theoretically you can have some security by being on different social networks or on Google, we know very well that within the internet privacy is very littleOr at least that’s how it is for almost everyone.

Now, if we focus squarely on the subject of images on the internet, the reality is that although they will probably always remain there, yes there are a few options that allow you to remove them.

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So why you should care about removing images from Google is basically because of the amount of data that can be extracted from a simple imageor correctly said, the metadata.

Metadata and what kind of information can they store about a photograph

In case you haven’t heard of this before, if a user examine your photos using an EXIF ​​programyou can get to get valuable information that is stored in the photograph.

Like what? Well, the metadata can range from the type of camera with which the capture was made, the resolution, the time and even the GPS coordinates of the place where the photo was taken.

As you can see, it is information that in the wrong hands, can lead to different bullying problems or maybe worse things. Therefore, if you consider that it is necessary to delete photos of you or of something specific that is uploaded to Google, here are a few recommendations and procedures to follow.

Contact the page that uploaded the photo you want to delete

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The first thing you can try to do is go directly to the page that carries the image in question. Here you can go to their section Contact Us or similar, in order to go personally to someone who works on the page and you can explain why they should delete your photo. How would you come to be dealing with a real person, ideally you should be polite and speak in a respectful manner.

Ask Google to remove your photo from the search engine

In the case of resorting directly to Google, you must bear in mind that there are certain parameters that must be met for the big G company to delete your photo. Basically, this is what the image must display in order to be downloaded from the search engine:

– Images with sensitive financial, medical or personal identification information (passport, social security, residence, among others).
– Explicit or intimate personal images posted without your consent or revenge pornography.
– Involuntary and false pornography.
– Personal images hosted on a site that has abusive removal practices.
– Images of any minor (persons under the age of 18).
– For legal reasons.

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Of course, remember that if Google does this, nothing else would be removing the photo from the search enginebut not the internet as such.

Inform that you want a photo removed from Google searches

If your reason for deleting the photo you want is not among those mentioned above, you can choose to go directly to the image in Google and present your own reasons for which you aspire to download that photo. For this, you will have to follow these steps:

– Enter Google Images and search for the photo in question.
– Click on it and then click on the three points that are shown at the top.
– Click on the last tab that indicates Report this result.
– Write the reasons why Google should remove that photo from the search engine.

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