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How to remove channels from YouTube search results

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Put yourself in a situation: you are on YouTube looking for something specific and many of the results you get are from the same channels, either because they are dedicated to that particular topic or because they are dedicated to trying to attract as many people as possible with hook videos on that topic. Has it never happened to you?

For me, yes, more than I would like and I get tired of having to scroll between videos that I have seen or that do not interest me to try to find others that do. Let’s take an example: imagine that I want to search for news, something that has just happened and many of the results I get on YouTube are from the same channels…

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In fact, let’s give an example of truth with what is “the news of the day”: the death of Elizabeth II. I write “isabel ii” (without the quotation marks) on YouTube and results begin to appear for me…: La Vanguardia, El País, RTVE Noticias… plus RTVE, plus El País, and more, and more, and more, other media appear that also repeat…

Of course, YouTube does not show me exactly the same as others, since it personalizes the results according to my history on the platform, although in specific searches the personalization may take a backseat. In fact, it shows me almost the same results being identified with my Google account than without being identified.

And, to continue with the example, let’s say that they are results that I don’t like because I don’t like the media, or because I’ve already seen them, they take up everything and force me to scroll endlessly, over and over again…

Anyway, how do I remove channels I don’t want from YouTube search results? Well, in the same way as you would in the current Google search, including the simple operator “-“ (without the quotes) and names to avoid. For example:

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isabel ii -vanguardia


isabel ii -vanguardia -rtve -país

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Before and after:

How to remove channels from YouTube search results


How to remove channels from YouTube search results


It is understood, right? Just a note: be careful with the accents, it catches them, so if instead of “country” you put “country”, it does not filter the result.

And this is how you remove channels from YouTube search results. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s effective. The only but is that you didn’t know or don’t remember, but that’s what I’m here for.

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