How to remove activation lock on Apple iPhone phones step by step

How to remove activation lock on Apple iPhone phones step by step
how to remove activation lock on apple iphone phones step

How to remove activation lock on Apple iPhone phones step by step

The blocking of activation on an iPhone is a feature designed by Apple as a security measure. It is part of the Find My iPhone service, which prevents others use the device you have from the Cupertino company -if you ever lose it or it gets stolen-. This option is automatically activated when the corresponding configuration is done. But you don’t always want it to worksomething that you can get as we are going to show you.

Because it is a security feature tied to the Apple ID – which is used to set up the device – bypassing or removing it it’s not complicated if you are the original owner. However, trying to remove the Activation Lock from one device of others is complex and can also be considered a crime.

Steps to disable Activation Lock

There are times when you will have a compelling reason to remove Activation Lock on iPhone. An example would be that the person who sold it to you forgot to do so, or you decide that the phone in question becomes a child’s. Follow the indications to achieve disable the function we are talking about:

If you have Apple ID problemsyou must follow the steps that we indicate below without skipping any of them to be sure that you do not have problems:

Reset Apple ID or password

  • Visit the Apple ID account page (you can access it at this link).
  • Click on “Forgot your Apple ID or password?”.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to reset your password.
  • Once you complete it, you must proceed to remove the lock function of the iPhone
Using the screen of an iPhone phone

Remove activation lock from your device

  • After resetting your Apple ID password, you can now turn off Activation Lock directly from iPhone:
  • Go to the settings of the Apple phone you have.
  • The next step is to click on your name, right at the top to open the Apple ID settings. This is an essential step and one that is executed very quickly.
  • Scroll down to Find My among all the options you’ll see on the screen.
  • You should now use Find My iPhone and then disable the feature called Turn off Find My iPhone.
  • You’ll need to use your Apple ID credentials; do it and what you have left is to simply click on Turn off.
  • Activation Lock should now be removed on your iPhone and you are done.


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