How to reduce mobile addiction – an app helps with the issue


It is more than clear that addiction to mobile phones and social networks (mainly) is a real problem, growing more and more. reaching the point that it can become detrimental to the mental health of users.

To help combat this, there are several applications within Google Play that are intended to get people to reduce the time they spend using various applications on mobile. In this context, StayFree is one of the best apps that can be found today.

In case you haven’t heard of it, StayFree is a free to download application that it takes detailed reports of how much time we usually spend inside the apps that we use daily on our smartphone. In addition to this, and what is most interesting, is that it is also capable of making a general average of use, this with the purpose of showing how addicted we become to mobile phones.

Functions that StayFree integrates for users to reduce their addiction to mobile

Functions that StayFree integrates for users to reduce their addiction to mobile

This is not all, since the app also has functions that are made to help reduce addiction to mobile phones, literally. First thing is StayFree Allows you to set specified daily usage times for each applicationa tool that turns out to be quite good, since we can establish a daily time goal and not exceed it.

Now, in case this happens and we exceed the time that we previously indicated, StayFree will directly block the application in question that we have been using. It is also possible to configure the app so that it launches alerts or alarms every time we exceed the established time, this is if you want to opt for something less rigorous than the above.

Although the result obtained depends entirely on each user in question, in general the results tend to become increasingly positive, This is if you have a real will to put your mobile aside and try to gradually control the addiction to it. Through the following link you can download StayFree totally free on Google Play, so don’t waste any more time and start taking action.

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