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How to recover the account on Instagram

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Instagram has enabled a procedure for allow account recovery in this social network to all those users who have lost it.

A hacker attack or the loss of credentials can cause the loss of access to the Instagram account

This is something that may have happened as a result of a hacker attack forcing the original, rightful owner of the account to claim ownership. Until now, this task was very cumbersome and involved trying to get in touch with Instagram, something that is not easy at all.

However, from now on the problem will be solved thanks to a new section called “Hacked” aimed at solving this type of problem, which is already active on the Instagram website and can be accessed from each user’s profile and the web address Instagram.com/hacked.

instagram recover account

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Through this section, as can be seen in the image above, you can report impersonations and theft of accounts but it is also the way to recover an account if the case is the most prosaic forgetfulness or confusion with the credentials or passwords that give access to it. There may even be security problems in some cases of using several Instagram accounts simultaneously.

All this can be reported directly in the Hacked section and the company will try to solve the problem. Instagram further states that it is working to develop systems capable of preventing these account hacks even before they occur, which includes sending alert messages about suspicious accounts that have already impersonated identities.

At the beginning of 2022, Instagram announced the introduction of an account recovery mechanism that was based on giving options such as requesting the help of contacts on the social network that could prove the identity of the user whose account had been lost or had been kidnapped/impersonated. From now on, thanks to the new “Hacked” section, it will be possible to select two contacts who have an Instagram account to help in this identity verification.

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