How to recover an Instagram account even if you don’t have the email and password

how to recover an instagram account even if you dont.webp.webp.webp
how to recover an instagram account even if you dont.webp.webp.webp

The social networksfor better or worse, have become an important part of our online life, since through platforms like Instagram or as quickly as possible of events and, of course, to entertain ourselves.

It is possible that, for any reason, at some point we lose access to our Instagram account. The most typical reason is having forgotten the password (although there are secure applications that take care of this), but in the worst case, we may not have access to either the password or the email we used for that Instagram account. . Fortunately, all is not lost.

What can we do if we lose access to an Instagram account

If you have lost or forgotten your password, the process is simple: you just need to select the “Forgot your password?” when trying to log in, using username or email. The application, in this way, will offer us the option of receiving an authentication code by email or to the phone number associated with our account.

But in the case of not having either the email or the password, the situation becomes a little more complicated, but it is not impossible to recover access to the Instagram account, just It will take a little longer and we must meet certain requirements.

The first of them is that we must have access to another email, since we need a new email to be able to receive a code and information from the platform. The second requirement is that the Instagram account should have a photo of the owner, that is, a photo of you, so that Instagram can identify you as the owner Of the same.

Meeting these requirements, we follow the following steps:

Instagram Account

  • We enter the Instagram application and on the login screen we select Did you forget your password?
  • Then, we introduce the Username or account name and click on continue.
  • Next, we select again Did you forget your password?
  • The next step is to tell Instagram that we no longer have access to any of the login methods, by clicking on Do you no longer have access?
  • On the following pages we must tell Instagram the reason why we cannot access our Instagram account, selecting an answer from several options. It is advisable, in this specific case, to choose the option “The login code was sent to a phone number or email to which I do not have access.”
recover instagram

Image: Xataka Mexico

  • Instagram will ask us if we have a photo of your own published on the accountto which we must answer that yes we have it, if so (and this is something important to be able to recover the account).
  • Next, Instagram will invite us to enter a new email with which they can communicate with us. We must not lose access to this other email.
  • instagram in

    Of course, the idea of ​​using a video to identify the account owner, along with the app’s other security measures (like two-step verification), is prevent other people from trying to take possession of other people’s accounts. So if you haven’t lost access to your account but have still read this article, I want to take this opportunity to remind you to activate the two-step verification on your Instagram account to protect her.

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