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How to recover a message that you accidentally deleted in the Apple Mail app

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On a daily basis, we receive a large number of emails. From shipping confirmations of our new accessory that we have purchased to offer reminders. Among all these messages, there are many that require our attention, which leads us to have to do regular cleaning. But this sometimes makes mistakes and eliminates an important message. And, this, you can solve it perfectly in apple Mail. In this application, regardless of the operating system in which it is used, there is an option that is most useful: the Trash. If you are new to apple operating systems, we are going to tell you how you can take advantage of it so you don’t have to ask the sender to send the email again. This is how you recover an email in Apple Mail The process is very similar in the different devices of the Cupertino company, although with some small differences. These are the steps on Mac, which, as you will see, are very simple and will take very little time to complete: Open the Mail application on your computer as usual, and then go to the “View” menu and activate “Show sidebar” if necessary. In the list of all mail folders, display the account you are interested in using the “>” symbol that appears to the right of its name when you hover over it. Use “Trash” or “deleted “. Now you have to locate the email you are interested in and right click on it. Use “Move to” and then select, for example, “Inbox”. Once this is done, you have already retrieved the message in the Apple Mail application. Steps on iPads and also iPhones Open the Mail app on either of the two devices we’re talking about. If you’re looking at a specific mail folder, tap “Mailboxes” to see the full list on Apple phones -or the button in the form of a sidebar in the upper left corner on tablets-. If necessary, display the account in which you have to retrieve the message by touching the “>” symbol to the right of its name. Use “Trash” or “Deleted” and find the mail you want to recover -press and hold to open a contextual menu-. Now select “Move message”. Choose “Inbox” as the destination, for example. You are done. Thanks to these simple steps, you can recover any mail that we have mistakenly deleted in Apple Mail. Everything is very simple thanks to the Trash. >

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