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How to record the screen of Apple iPad tablets step by step

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How to record the screen of Apple iPad tablets step by step

It may be that on some occasion you need to record what you do on the screen of the iPad and that you do not know how to achieve this in a simple way. Well, we’ll tell you how to achieve it by using the options that are included directly in the Apple tablet operating system, which is a reference in the market.

Taking a screenshot is something that can be achieved with this device very effectively and quickly. And you should know that doing the same when recording what you see on the panel is just as possible, and always with excellent reliability and no need to install app some on the device. The reason for this is that everything necessary to achieve it is included in iPadOS – although it is true that the Cupertino company should show this function in a clearer way for users.

Steps to Record iPad Screen

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Without further ado, we leave you everything you have to do to be able to use the native function that allows you to record everything you do with the iPad and, if you need it, you can share the file of video result with your contacts. In this way, you can do everything from making a tutorial for a family member to showing what your achievements are when running one of the games available for the Apple tablet.

  • The first step is to add the corresponding shortcut in the Control Center of the Apple tablet, since there is no associated fusion that you can use on the desktop.
  • Access the iPad Control Center from the bottom of the device Settings.
  • Now look for the icon with the “+” symbol and use it as usual. Look for an option called Screen Recording and add it among the options of this tool.
  • You have finished and you can use the tool in question in a much simpler way, since in just a couple of steps you will activate the functionality.
Using an Apple iPad tablet

Using the shortcut in control center

Now, whenever you want to record the iPad screen, such as when playing games or browsing the Internet, all you have to do is go to Control Center and then follow these steps. Steps:

  • First of all, you have to choose whether you want the sound to be recorded or not. You establish this by pressing the new shortcut continuously and, among the options that appear on the screen, select Microphone and then start recording.
  • Use the shortcut you created earlier, and then you will see a countdown on the screen for you to get ready.
  • It all starts and you can stop the process by tapping a red icon on the iPad’s Status Bar. Then confirm that you want to end the recording, and you will be able to store the resulting video.
  • This done, you’re done.


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