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How to record programs from Smart TV

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With streaming platforms, it is easy for us to see what we want and when we want. But it has not always been like that and we had to resort to Betamax tapes or VHS to be able to Record a series or a program if we were not going to be at home. Methods have changed and technology has advanced even though it is not content on demand. Now it is much easier and faster to record on a Smart TV.

Record Programs From Smart Tv
Record Programs From Smart Tv

Before recording on a Smart TV, you may have to take into account that you will need an external device to help you store this content. It may well be a decoder that your operator includes when hiring a television package or an external hard drive with sufficient speed and capacity to record or store the programs that you want to watch on television and have not been able to watch live.

The vast majority of programs broadcast on current television are available to watch later on demand on websites or in applications for the Smart TV itself that we access with an Internet connection. But if you want to use classical recording, you can do it from the REC button that you will usually see on your remote.

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The decoders of the operators allow us all kinds of functions to record DTT channels in addition to the unique channels. In general, if you have a decoder from Vodafone, Euskaltel, Virgin or any other operator, it has a remote control and added functions that allow you to go back or record as many channels as you want to watch later. In addition, you can also make serial recordings so that all new chapters or programs are automatically recorded even if you do not press the button on that same day or at the corresponding time.

This is the best option and investment you can make if you want to record DTT since it will allow you to simultaneously save several different broadcasts or channels and that you can watch them for days. Another advantage of betting on this system is that most have compatibility with 4K content or that they provide smart functions to your TV even if it is an old model. The main drawback, of course, is that we will have to pay a monthly “plus” at our rate, which can range from eight euros to twenty or thirty euros depending on the package.

Record options on Vodafone TV

Record on Smart TV

You can record on Smart TV although generally you cannot do it by storing it on the device itself, but you must have a hard disk connected. A hard drive with enough memory, so it is not recommended that you use a two or three gigabyte pendrive as you will not be able to do this. You should also make sure that the hard drive has a good reading and writing speed so that there is no problem during the process.

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Recording on a Smart TV depends on the model and brand you have, although most of them have this option. The most common are the Samsung or LG brands and have the option of connecting a hard drive through a USB. There are many other brands that will allow you to record, although the steps are practically identical to those that we explain below, so we recommend that you connect a hard drive and touch its settings or the instructions of the model you buy.

Record on Samsung

We have to bear in mind that there are two options to record on a Samsung Smart TV: you can record what you are watching or you can schedule recordings. Of course, the first allows us to record the content we are playing if we want to go to bed, for example. The scheduled recording allows us to stop recording a series or program if we are going out to dinner.

To make a recording of a program in progress, tap on the Guide button on your Samsung TV to open the day’s schedule. You will see the program you want at the time it is broadcast and on the channel.

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Samsung guide to record on Smart TV

Tap Enter to open the information for this channel, and once you’ve tapped, a “Record” menu will appear. Select this option and a red dot will appear on the guide to remind you that you are going to record it. You can tap Enter to stop recording or to stop the time you want it to last.

Record on Samsung

You can do it with programs that are broadcast but you can also program from the guide following the steps above. Pick a show or series that will take place in several hours and hit Enter for a second. “Schedule Viewing” or “Schedule Recording” will appear. Tap on the second option and choose “OK” in the pop-up window. The recording scheduled for that program will be displayed here

Schedule recording on Samsung

The route or the forms may vary depending on the model you have from Samsung but generally these will be the steps. You can also touch the red button on the remote control when you are watching a program if you automatically want to start recording and a box will appear in which you can choose the duration of the recording. Of course, it will only allow it if there is an HDD connected through the USB port. Specifically, Samsung recommends using a USB HDD with at least 5,400 rpm.

Record on LG Smart TV with webOS

Another of the most common operating systems is LG’s webOS and you can also record with your Smart TV. Of course, as in the previous case, you must have a connected USB hard drive that meets the requirements: maximum of 2 TB or with a FAT32 or NTFS file system as a format. Also, it is recommended to format the disk although this is not necessary. Once you have it, you can record.

To record on your Smart TV and LG, touch the central button of the remote control and touch OK. Once the red button appears in the lower left corner, tap on it and you will see the recording options : duration of the recording or storage device for what you are going to record. Once chosen, tap on “Record”.

Record in LG

If you want to stop a recording in progress, simply tap on the Magic Control button on the wheel or on the OK button if you have the conventional remote control. You will see some playback controls and you can press stop, stop the recording and save it, change the end time or cancel the recording.

Recording settings in LG

Record on Sony

Also Sony allows you to do it as long as you have connected a hard drive to the USB port. You have to go to the settings from the TV remote and go to “System settings”. Here you can access the ” Recording settings ” section and you can register the hard disk drive to start recording on it and store content. Once detected, you simply have to touch the red button on the Sony remote to record what you are watching. When you want to stop recording, just press the stop button on the remote and you will pause what you are recording.

Record on Sony Smart TV 1

You can also set the timer from Guide. Touch to open the Guide, find the program you want to watch , which will air in the next few hours, and touch it. Once you’ve selected it, hit the record button.

Record on Sony Smart TV

Hard drives for Smart TV

When using an external hard drive we must take into account the external power supply: there are some discs that only connect to the TV with USB and others that connect with USB and with a power cable to the plug. The former are more comfortable since you will avoid having cables surrounding the television, for example. You can bet on an SSD if you want more speed, although they are usually more expensive than the classic HDDs. It will depend on the use you want to give it, the capacity you need, etc. You should also look at the capacity that is compatible with the operating system of your TV because, for example, in the case of webOS from LG or Tizen from Samsung, the maximum compatible is 2 TB.

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