How to record phone calls from an iPhone or Android mobile


Whether you have an iPhone or Android mobile, the options to record phone calls They don’t usually come natively on the phoneso therefore, it is time to resort to the various third-party options that we can find in Google Play and in the App Store.

Of course, keep in mind that this turns out to be a very sensitive issue since, depending on the city, state or country, the action of recording calls can be legally punishableso for this, make sure you are not breaking the law or you could face legal problems.

Now, going directly to the topic we came up with, Android is the mobile operating system that has always offered more possibilities in terms of recording calls. However, Google since May this year has limited this considerably in the latest versions of Android.

Alternatives to record calls from an Android mobile

Video we made five years ago on the subject

Currently, there are two options for quality and safety that we can find in Google Play to record phone calls, and these are Call Recorder and Call Recorder – Cube ACR.

– Call Recorder: We are talking about an application with more than 100 million downloads and that perfectly fulfills the task of recording phone calls. In fact, this allows you to choose what you want to record, either the input voice, the output voice or bothNot to mention, you also have the option to save your recorded content to Google Drive or Dropbox, thus keeping your calls saved and stored in the cloud for when you need it.

– Call Recorder – Cube ACR: Another good quality alternative is the Call Recorder – Cube ACR app, which also works quite simply when recording calls automatically or manually. In addition, the app is also capable of recording audio from WhatsApp, Messenger or Telegram, which is quite good.

What option is there to record calls from an iPhone

It is well known that Apple is best known for restricting this type of content in the App Store, so therefore the options are much more scarce. to be able to record calls safely and with good quality. For this reason, we will only be talking about a fairly complete app that does what it promises and that will surely give you good results.

– HD call recorder: As its name indicates, it is an application that manages to record telephone calls in high audio quality. The recordings made are stored within the application and you can get to listen to them even if you have no connection. A good app that turns out to be free to download, although with a subscription to be able to use it fully.

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