How to record audio with Adobe Podcast and make it sound like a professional

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested in recording high-quality audio for your podcast. And it is that While content quality is important, quality audio is also crucial. to make sure your listeners have a pleasant listening experience.

Well then, fortunately for all concerned and thanks to the new artificial intelligence tools that technology offers us, Today you can use various options that help you improve the quality of your audiosso that they sound like professionals, and this is precisely what Enhance speech from Adobe Podcast does.

Basically, Enhance speech from Adobe Podcast is an artificial intelligence tool that is capable of converting audios recorded from the mobile, that is, generally of poor quality, to high-quality polished audio, like those thrown out by professional microphones.

The AI ​​gets sharpen voice frequencies, improve sound clarity, and remove background noise from audio, among a few other things. For this reason, it is possible to improve almost all audios (if not all) and give them a notable quality boost.

Of course, keep in mind that at least for the moment, Enhance speech from Adobe Podcast only has the ability to support MP3 and WAV type audio filessince in fact it is in beta phase.

What to do to record audio with Adobe Podcast Enhance speech

How to record audio with Adobe Podcast and make it sound like a professional

Making all this clear, Let’s go now with the steps you must follow to be able to record your audios with Enhance speech from Adobe Podcast and that these improve their quality exponentially, so pay attention:

– Enter the Adobe Podcast – Enhance website.
– Click on Log in, in the upper right corner, to sign in with your Adobe account. In case you don’t have one, you can create it right there.
– Now inside the box that says Drag and drop audioclick on the purple button that shows Upload.
– Either from your mobile or computer, upload now the audio in question that you want to improve.
– Wait a few minutes for the platform to correct the audio.
– Play the audio to verify the quality improvement and then press on Download To download it.

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And voila, that would be all to take advantage of the benefits offered by this useful artificial intelligence tool. Unfortunately for the moment, not everything can be rosy and You can only upload audio files of a maximum of 500 MB or 1 hour in lengthNot to mention, you’ll also be limited to up to 3 hours total of audio enhancements per day.