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How to recognize and fend off phishing emails

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Phishing is no longer recognizable at first glance. With the following tips, you can also skilfully sort out tricky cases.

The danger emanating from phishing emails/">emails is often underestimated, after all the forgeries can apparently be recognized from a distance of ten meters by strange senders such as “✩PAYPAL✩”, subject lines such as “Your account has been limited” or completely incorrect grammar. But times are changing: Such clumsy emails still exist, but they usually get stuck in the spam filter and the real danger lurks elsewhere.

What makes it into the inbox is of higher quality. Perfect 1:1 copies of real PayPal or invoice emails are the lesser evil. It becomes really dangerous when the senders work with real data, which they pull from data leaks or from people around you, for example. The latter is particularly dangerous because it is quite possible that you will receive a phishing email today from a person with whom you actually communicated yesterday.

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This so-called dynamite phishing picked up speed through Emotet and has become the undoing of numerous companies, authorities, educational institutions and many more worldwide. The damage is in the billions. Incidentally, the attitude “There’s nothing to get from me anyway” is fatal, because online villains aren’t just after DAX companies, but everyone. Your Instagram account or your Netflix access may only fetch the phishers a few dollars on the dark web, but if you sell in large quantities, you still get a good deal.

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