How to reactivate the unlocking of your iPhone 13 with the Apple Watch if you wear a mask

All the owners of an iPhone 13 had since the same day September 24, the launch date of the new devices in our country, with the problem that their phones cannot be automatically unlocked when they wear a mask on the street, or inside some local, so it is necessary to be writing the famous six-digit PIN. The error, recognized by Apple, was corrected in the last hours of last Friday when those of Cupertino published version 15.0.1 of iOS. From that moment, it was possible to use the watch again as a passkey to allow us to enter the mobile quickly. So if you want to save time accessing the terminal and you have not yet configured this function, here we are going to tell you how to do it in a few steps. We are going to download the iOS update If your mobile has not done it automatically already, then you have to force it to do so. For that we go to the “Settings”, then to “General” and finally to “Software update”. There you will have to see either the download notice of the new available version, or a screen like the one you have just below on the left, where the phone tells us that it is already installed correctly. If you find yourself in the latter case, the next thing to do is go back to the main “Settings” menu and look for the “Face ID and code” section. Once inside you will have to scroll to the bottom area, until you see an option to “Unlock with the Apple Watch”. Just below you should see the name of your smartwatch and on the right a disabled selector. This was precisely where the error occurred before iOS 15.0.1, when trying to activate it an alert window would pop up. With the installation of iOS already inside your iPhone 13, when you touch that control you will see that the function is activated without problems so from that moment you will be able to unlock the phone through the watch when you are wearing a mask. It goes without saying that for correct operation the Apple Watch must be working unlocked, that is, with the wrist lock deactivated either through the PIN code, well thanks to the fact that we have previously used the iPhone. In this way you will not have problems to use the whole set synchronously. >